List Etiquette

The following are considered points of etiquette for ebikes.
Please keep them in mind whenever posting.

	1. Stay on the topic.  Posting about unrelated subjects will
	alienate other subscribers.  Please respect their wishes.

	2. Flaming is not appropriate.  What's fine on usenet is not
	acceptable on a private mailing list.  Continued flaming will 
	lead to suspension or permanent unsubscription.

	3. Posting of copyrighted material without permission or
	attribution is discouraged.  Please list sources whenever

	4. Very long posts are discouraged.  

	5. Edit down quoted material from previous postings.  When 
	replying to someone else's message, cut down the quotation to 
	a relevant portion.  Massive quoting is discouraged.

	6.  Reposting material (or publication):  Messages posted to 
	EBIKES are not automatically considered "public" information 
	as it is a private list.  If you wish to re-post or publish 
	anything seen on this list you must first obtain explicit 
	permission from the author.


	1.  "SPAM" a term referring to mass mailing is explicitly
	prohibited.  Anything that I consider "net-abuse" or "attacks"
	to the list are also explicitly prohibited.  Spam will get
	you unsubscribed.  Included in this topic is anything that 
	involves "make money", postcards for the sick kid, or any
	other message that looks or smells like a chain letter.
	Computer Virus alerts are included here as well.

	2.  Crossposting.  This is what we call sending the same thing
	to multiple lists.  Often it will be the result of a post to
	another list that is cc'd to EBIKES.  If you respond, edit the
	headers to remove EBIKES.  Send you replies to EBIKES as a
	seperate message so that there is no CROSSPOSTING involved.

	3.  Personal Attacks.  Don't do it.  If you are engaging in 
	an argument stick to the subject matter.  Don't let it get
	personal.  Personal attacks tend to escalate into flame wars,
	and if continued will lead to suspension or unsubscription.

	4.  Don't post private email to the list without explicit
	permission of the sender.

The fine print:

These "rules" are subject to change without warning.  However changes or 
modifications are typically posted to the list periodically.  The list-owner 
reserves the right to remove a subscriber for any reason without cause.  
Decisions made by the list-owner are final and not subject to debate or 
appeal.  This is not a democracy.  Nor or the phrase "freedom of speech" 
meaningful in this context.

Advice I have often given to those engaged in a heated debate:
	1) think before you post
	2) consider sending a private reply off the list

Again, if you have questions or need clarification on these or other 
points, please do not hesitate to write to me privately.

Danny Lieberman