Ebikes Info File                                                    June 1998


"EBIKES" is the New York City area bicycle discussion internet mailing list.  
There are also a couple of smaller lists hosted on the same domain, details
are further down.  The main list is served by a program called MAJORDOMO.
Remember this name.  You can subscribe and unsubscribe from ebikes by writing 

Please visit our web site at http://www.ebikes.org/  

Please also remember that "EBIKES" is a PRIVATE mailing list.  

As of June 1st, 1998 EBIKES had 250+ subscribers.

Subscription Information

All commands for the list should be sent to MAJORDOMO@EBIKES.ORG.
All postings should be mailed to EBIKES@EBIKES.ORG

List commands are one of the following:

Note that subscription to EBIKES and EBIKES-DIGEST is not automatic;
MAJORDOMO requires approval from the list-owner.  

Do not send mail about this list to either LISTPROC@PANIX.COM or 
MAJORDOMO@PANIX.COM - you will not receive a reply.

If you have a question, problem, or comment, send them to DFL@PANIX.COM.
List-related error messages should be automatically sent to 

If you are concerned about getting a lot of mail from this list, I strongly 
suggest you switch over to EBIKES-DIGEST.  You'll get all of the content in 
fewer mailings.

Related Lists

There are a couple of related topic lists currently hosted on the domain
name EBIKES.ORG.  

EBIKES-ANNOUCE is the newest list, and functions as an ANNOUNCEMENT-ONLY 
version of the main list.  To get on and off of ANNOUNCE send email 
to ANNOUNCE-REQUEST@EBIKES.ORG specifying "subscribe announce" or
"unsubscribe announce".  ANNOUNCE should not see general discussion 

BKLYN-TA is a list maintained on behalf of the Brooklyn Committee of
Transportation Alternatives, and is supposed to be an announcement-level
list to complement the campaign work that the Brooklyn Cmte is doing.
Requests for BKLYN-TA can be sent to "BKLYN-TA-REQUEST@EBIKES.ORG".

List Topics

EBIKES was started and continues to be a list about cycling in New York City.  
Related topics such as transportation, cycling in other places, and geography 
of New York City are welcome, as are advocacy and other issues as they relate 
to cycling.

Danny Lieberman