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Overview of of Bakcou E-Bikes

Founded by hunters Brian Child and Dave Andre, Backou is an outdoor adventure electric bike brand that makes e-bikes for the wilderness. Many rival brands sell e-bikes that look like they can handle the backcountry — Backou makes e-bikes that can handle it.

Ranging from the premium, $8,000+ Backou Jäger to the bestselling Backou Mule, all the e-bikes the company sells are powered by high-quality motors and long-range batteries. The Mule has been its bestselling model for the last three years due to the reputation it has for being an A-grade, long-distance overlander. Like many of Bakcou’s bikes, it comes with brand-name components like the Bafang Ultra motor and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes.
Respecting the fact that not all their customers are men, Bakcou also offers some step-through bikes for smaller riders. These allow the whole family to head out into the wilderness.

Looking at the specifications of the Jäger, you might be surprised that it retails for as little as $8,000. This is where Backou excels — even with higher-end components, it sells e-bikes that others might with a far higher margin.

Our Review of Bakcou E-Bikes

Sometimes e-bike brands can get too big for their boots and lose touch with the very people who hold them in high regard. Backou has not at all done this — the leadership team remains true to its customers.

Backou also has a very highly regarded after-sales service. Once you’ve bought your e-bike, you can rely on them to answer any questions you have about setting it up to your requirements. Though the warranty on its machines is just one year, an extended warranty is available if you choose.

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Bakcou Reviews

Bakcou Mule
All Terrain, Camping, Fat-tire, Mountain
50 mi
Bakcou Storm
Cargo, Fat-tire, Hunting, Mountain
82 mi

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