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Overview of Commencal E-Bikes

Founded in 2000 as a purist mountain bike brand, Commencal has been an innovator in mountain bikes for over 20 years. And its founder, Max Commencal, brings 16 additional years of experience, as he also founded the SUNN brand beforehand. Unlike many mid-sized international brands, Commencal hasn’t diversified too far out of its original niche of MTBs, and now, eMTBs.

It has steadily grown with bases in a number of world mountain biking centers and now has one of those in Golden, CO, site of the Commencal USA HQ. Here, you can rent or buy an eMTB and head into the local trails to see just what this purist brand is about in anger.

Though it has produced quality, lightweight, downhill, and enduro mountain bikes for many years, Commencal has only recently moved into electric bikes. Developing its range, it now offers different eMTBs from the $8,700 Meta Power SX to the more affordable $3,000 Maxmax Power hardtail. In 2022, it launched its kid’s eMTB, the $3,800 Meta HT 24 Power, which has introduced young teens to the world of enduro and downhill eMTB.

Our Review of Commencal E-Bikes

Commencal is a purist mountain bike company. This means that it doesn’t try to do much outside of its specialty. In doing so, it strives for excellence in its niche. It uses over two decades of experience in the field to provide expertise and engineering behind every electric mountain bike.

One unique thing about Commencal — it avoids using carbon fiber in its frames whenever possible. Instead, it relies on aluminum. This is the company’s way of reducing its environmental impact.

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Commencal Reviews

Commencal Meta HT 24 Power
All Terrain, Mountain
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