Overview on Fiido E-Bikes

Hong Kong-based Fiido has been making e-bikes for the U.S., French, and Chinese markets since 2017. Its electric bikes and scooters have been sold to over a third of a million customers worldwide, putting the brand among the giants of the e-bike world. It employs a diverse team of over 200 employees, many of which are involved with its full research, development, and testing labs.

The e-bikes it makes are quite affordable, with none retailing for over $2,500. One — the Fiido D3 Pro Mini folding electric bike — retails for just $700. For a relatively small investment, you’ll get a quality folding, mountain/fat tire, or city/road electric bike
With 14 current e-bikes for sale, over 60 innovation patents, and three distinct product lines, Fiido is currently on the upswing. The brand has won several design awards, including the Golden Pin Design Award, A’Design Award, and the iF Design Award. It’s also recently developed its own app that lets you control multiple functions of your ride.

Our Review of Fiido E-Bikes

Let’s face it — not all Chinese e-bike brands are the same. There have been some horror stories about buyers getting poor-quality machines and then having a very tough time rectifying the problem.

However, Fiido has offices in the U.S., so you can contact the company to discuss any issues with your e-bike. When it comes to quality, the fact that Fiido has sold so many units worldwide suggests that it isn’t making cheap rip-offs but instead, machines of quality. In fact, the Fiido X was one of the most discussed e-bike products of IndieGoGo in 2021, exceeding the $1 million crowdfunding mark. This popularity means you can put trust in the brand.

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Fiido Reviews

Fiido L3 Long Range
City, Commuter, Folding
120 mi
Rear Hub

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