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Flyer™ by Radio Flyer


Step into a world where classic Radio Flyer® design meets the thrill of modern adventure. Since 1917, Radio Flyer® has been synonymous with childhood fun, and now, they’ve extended that legacy to adults with the Flyer™ line of electric bikes. Just like the iconic little red wagon, Flyer™ captures the spirit of exploration and imaginative play, now reimagined for the open road.

Building on a century of trust, these adult e-bikes embody the iconic Radio Flyer® design while offering cutting-edge performance. Ideal for family-friendly adventures, these e-bikes combine classic aesthetics with modern technology, ensuring safety with integrated lights and thoughtfully designed accessories.

Enjoy extended rides with impressive battery life and the assurance of a quality-backed warranty accompanied by award-winning service. The Flyer™ e-bike line rekindles the joy of riding and the thrill of exploration.

Our Review of Flyer™ by Radio Flyer® E-Bikes

Flyer™ electric bikes by Radio Flyer® are meticulously designed for family-focused, high-quality performance. Powered by the advanced Flight Speed™ Lithium-Ion battery, these e-bikes offer speed, distance, and safety.

The cohesive design of Flyer™ bikes centers on the seamless integration of two pivotal elements: the battery and the rear rack. 

The Flyer L885 shines as a cargo e-bike, featuring the optional 2-in-1 Kid & Cargo Carrier that helps to easily haul both the kiddos or other precious cargo around. In addition, comfort is prioritized with thick, puncture-resistant tires that offer natural suspension and greater control on uneven terrain. 

The innovative design of the integrated battery, found in all Flyer™ by Radio Flyer® e-bikes, provide more knee clearance, a balanced weight distribution, and a super-sleek appearance. The range of these batteries is nothing to balk at either, with the one installed in the L885 boasting up to 50 or more miles! 

And, with the wide array of versatile accessories, like zipper pockets and cup holders, the comfort and practicality of your ride is enhanced like never before. 

Overall, Flyer™ e-bikes redefine urban mobility, capturing Radio Flyer®’s century-old spirit of fun and functionality. With innovative integrations, comfort, and family-oriented design, the Flyer™ line of e-bikes from Radio Flyer® are a great choice for convenient, reliable, and modern transportation.

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Flyer™ by Radio Flyer Reviews

Radio Flyer L885
Cargo, City, Commuter
40 mi
Rear Hub
Flyer™ Folding Cargo E-Bike
Cargo, City, Folding
40 mi
Rear Hub

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