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HiBoy Electric Bikes

Overview of HiBoy E-Bikes

Founded in China in 2014 by inventor and engineer Mark Liu, Hiboy has been making electric scooters for the last nine years. Lately, it’s diversified into low-cost electric bikes, including a step-through fat tire e-bike and a commuter electric bike.

Hiboy has also broken new ground in the children’s cycling sector with an electric balance bike for children up to six years old and an electric motorcycle for kids up to 10 years old. Fun to ride and a great way to encourage them onto two wheels, these e-bikes break the mold of the traditional way to get kids cycling.

The company now trades in several European countries, the U.S., and Canada, and meets the regulatory requirements for toys in both the European Union and the United States. It offers a one-year warranty on its e-bikes and a six-month warranty on the batteries.

Our Review of HiBoy E-Bikes

We love the new toddler’s and younger children’s electric bikes that will get kids riding at a very early age — the BK1 is made for children as young as two. Children who have them become cycling obsessed and get much more freedom at an early age as they get a first taste of independence and autonomy from their parents.

This is a very big step for a toddler. The only issue is keeping pace with them when they run free!

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HiBoy Electric Bikes Reviews

Hiboy BK1
Camping, City, Step-thru
6 mi
Rear Hub

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