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Brand Overview

Relatively new to the electric bike market (they used to make hoverboards and scooters), HOVSCO has made a splash with their new range of electric bikes.

Though at the affordable (sub $2,500) end of the price spectrum, most HOVSCO electric bikes still have torque sensors. Torque sensors offer near-instant response from the motor to your pedaling and are significantly better to have than cadence sensors. However, torque sensors cost a lot more and impact the final retail price of the machine, but less in the case of HOVSCO.

A torque sensor is at least as big a jump in riding feels as that of a mid-drive motor over a rear hub motor. Yes, HOVSCO e-bikes all have rear hub motors but will feel miles better to ride than those with cadence sensors.

Their utility bike, the HOVCART 2.0, stands out with the company’s claim that it can carry over 450 lbs of payload. This is up there with leading e-bike manufacturers Tern regarding payload capacity. They outdo Tern with the throttle on their machines — Tern is PAS only because their primary markets are the EU and UK.

In short, the leadership team at HOVSCO has spotted the parts of the market their bikes need to excel within and leaped right in there.

Our Two Cents on HOVSCO

If you’re a latecomer to the party, you need to make an impact, and HOVSCO has turned up with a big bang with its design features. Though still at the affordable end of the market, their electric bikes have features like torque sensors that make them a country mile better to ride than their rivals. At the quality end of the affordable e-bike spectrum, HOVSCO is a brand that’s little known but stands out nonetheless.

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