Overview of Micargi E-Bikes

Micargi is a China-based cycling company that has the factory space to produce a million bikes and e-bikes a year. Founded in 1997 when e-bikes were very much a Chinese thing and almost unheard of in the West, it’s been exporting bicycles to the U.S. for over 25 years. To improve its footprint in the U.S., it opened a distribution center in Los Angeles in 1998 and has been selling its cycles here with improved customer service ever since.

Today Micargi makes a wide range of e-bikes from tandem to cafe racers and standard commuter/utility electric bikes. It distributes these through over 325 vendors across the world. Unlike many U.S. brands, it makes the bikes it sells in-house with its 15-member staff and doesn’t contract with third parties. This ensures brand ownership from manufacturing to sales.

Our Review of Micargi E-Bikes

Can a cycling brand be modest yet successful at the same time? Almost unheard of yet selling its machines through distributors all over the world, Micargi seems to have done just that. You won’t see a Micargi Tour de France racing team or Micargi liveried riders on the international MTB racing circuit, yet its e-bikes and bikes are sold in large numbers worldwide. In fact, it’s shipped over 97,000 bikes since its inception!

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Micargi Reviews

Micargi Cyclone 2.0
Beach Cruiser, Fat-tire
20 mi
Rear Hub

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