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Founded in 1987 by MIT graduate David Montague and his father Harry Montague, Montague specializes in quality full-sized folding bikes. Making mountain bikes, road bikes, and hybrid bikes, the business has rewritten the rulebook on foldable bikes. Its original design was the work of over 10 years of research and development.

Unlike almost all other folding bike brands, Montague bikes are full-sized, meaning they ride like normal. Most of the company’s rivals use 20” or smaller wheels in focusing on compactness, which can sometimes limit your journey.

Since its humble beginnings, Montague has stepped up production, even supplying its folding mountain bikes to the U.S. military for parachute troops. In 2022, it released its first folding electric bike. It was a huge disruption to the e-bike industry as one of the first foldable variants that are comfortable even on long-distance runs.

Our Review of Montague E-Bikes

One weakness common to nearly every folding electric bike on the market today is that they’re small. The rider will often feel hunched up and uncomfortable if they ride more than a few miles.

Montague has thrown this problem out of the window with its full-sized folding hybrid e-bike. The rider is sat in exactly the same posture as they would on a non-folding commuter bike, and the full-sized wheels have very similar performance and comfort.

We love companies with the cojones to disrupt, and Montague has done just that with its folding electric bike. Whether you’re living in small accommodations or planning a multimodal commute, the Montague M-E1 folding e-bike should be high on your list for consideration.

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Montague Reviews

Montague M-E1
Commuter, Road, Step-thru, Touring
40 mi

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