Overview of MTNBEX E-Bikes

Based in the wild, mountainous state of Montana, MTNBEX specializes in adventure all-terrain electric bikes. A small company with more than 15 years of experience in the electric bike industry, it aims to produce high-quality electric bikes that are most at home in rough terrain, far from the big city. It introduced its first e-bike to the market in 2021 after two full years of research and production.

According to the company, most of those who buy their bikes end up customizing them to their needs. This is not a criticism, but more of a selling point that shows you can personalize the machine to your exact wants.

The basic machines MTNBEX sells are designed to last. Coming with quality, known brand components like the Bafang ULTRA smart motor and Tektro brakes, they’re designed to take a kicking wherever you go. The fat tires are able to grip sand, snow, and mud without sinking in and becoming mired.

Our Review of MTNBEX E-Bikes

One of the great things about MTNBEX’s e-bikes is that short of being lost in the Badlands miles from the road, you can get the parts you need to repair it almost anywhere. You can fix your e-bike without having to wait weeks for components to be shipped over. With this in mind, MTNBEX e-bikes are a very good long-term investment.

There are all-terrain e-bike makers that sell cheaply made lookalike e-bikes that are fine on the city streets but wouldn’t last five minutes on genuinely tough terrain. MTNBEX make less-well powered e-bikes like the EX750 range, but even these are no city cruisers.

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MTNBEX Reviews

MTNBEX Explore EX750
All Terrain, Cargo, Fat-tire
60 mi

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