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About Niner

Dirt is in Niner’s DNA. With both its gravel and long-travel mountain e-bikes, Niner strives to be the best specialist off-road bike company in the U.S.

Originally founded in 2005 by Chris Sugai and Steve Domahidy, Niner is now based in Fort Collins, Colorado. The team is mostly all-terrain electric bike enthusiasts in their own right. They’re among the very few in this world lucky enough to live off their toys, and who play with the toys they make just because they love to. 

Most of Niner’s range of bikes are traditional bikes — particularly 29ers. It’s only been in recent years that it saw the need to serve riders who may not have the energy or ability to get back to the top of the hill after having ridden down it like demons. 

The e-bikes it produces are of A-grade quality with Bosch motors and major name-brand shocks/gear systems. The gravel e-bike it makes has a carbon frame too, though most of its eMTBs are aluminum. 

When some U.S. e-bike manufacturers tend to go for the lower-priced, higher volume end of the spectrum, Niner makes upper mid-range machines that’ll handle the rough stuff. That’s why we say that dirt is in its DNA — it makes supreme dirt bikes, period.

Our Two Cents

We love small-scale niche electric bike manufacturers like Niner because they do one or two things and do them extremely well. There are dozens of mass-production brands out there that sell a wide range of e-bikes and don’t quite make the grade in any. 

In sticking to dirt and all-terrain e-bikes and doing that job extremely well, Niner excels in producing the best bikes and e-bikes in its dirt niche. It’s an all-American brand too — proving that American brands can compete on the world stage with regard eMTBs.

Our Research Methodology

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