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Overview of NORCO E-Bikes

Founded at the dawn of the mountain bike revolution in 1964, British Colombia-based NORCO has been at the bleeding edge of mountain bike design ever since. Originally called Northern Cycle Industries, the company used to run out of a chicken coop in the backwoods of Canada.

Now headquartered in Port Coquitlam, the brand is run by cross-country and off-road enthusiasts, and this can be seen in the quality of its designs. Made for and by mountain bikers, NORCO bikes and e-bikes are purebred off-road and overlanding machines.

As electric mountain bikes came on the scene, so NORCO rapidly leaped in and now produces a range of different all-terrain e-bikes. Among these is its range of eMTBs, including downhill, enduro, fat tire, and cross-country hardtail e-bikes. Designed to give you the ride of your dreams, NORCO electric bikes are efficient and very durable, too.

As with many other purebred brands, NORCO has lately moved into urban commuter and utility electric bikes. Made as Class 1 or Class 3 (without a throttle), these machines have the same attention to detail and quality as the company’s off-road machines.

Our Review of NORCO E-Bikes

A boutique, purebred off-road cycling company, NORCO hasn’t tried to break every segment of the cycling industry. We’d call it more of a “master of one trade and jack of few” as opposed to the international brands that can be a “jack of all trades but master of none.” Its specialization in eMTBs allows it to make some of the best electric bikes and traditional bikes in its segment instead of trying to be everything and not getting anything quite right.

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NORCO Reviews

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