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Founded in 1938 by a group of mountaineers looking to buy quality adventure gear at affordable prices, REI Co-op now sells a full range of outdoor equipment — including e-bikes. All of its bikes are cooperatively designed, meaning the company talks with riders first to see what features they’re looking for.

Not owned by shareholders or a single entity, REI Co-op uses a large part of its annual profits to donate to pay dividends to REI members. The co-op also donates to a range of good causes and offers an employee profit-sharing program.

REI Co-op Cycles sells five affordable Class 1 Co-op brand electric bikes that fit into the cruiser or commuter category.

Our Review of REI Co-op E-Bikes

A retailer that sends all of its employees off duty on Black Friday? That takes nerve in today’s retail environment, but REI isn’t a hard-nosed capitalist operation. It focuses on the well-being of its members, employees, and various nonprofits associated with it.

When its original in-house brand Novara came up short in the eyes of its customers, REI looked at its entire bike and e-bike range and redesigned them. The new Co-op Cycles have met customer demand well — reasonably priced with an abundance of spares available at relatively low prices.

Offering a range of electric commuter, city, and utility bikes, REI’s Co-op Cycles are sold through its retail chain. Thanks to the member benefits available, the prices are very competitive with other U.S. brands with prices between $1,299 and $2,699. This conforms to the original founding aims of REI — high-quality goods at an affordable price.

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