Surface 604

Overview of Surface 604 E-Bikes

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Surface 604 creates e-bikes that are lighter and more efficient than rival brands in the affordable electric bike segment. It achieves this with torque sensors that can use motor power more efficiently than a cadence sensor, allowing for lighter and just as powerful machines.

Though its range of overlanders, eMTBs, commuter bikes, and cruisers are lighter, they still achieve similar speeds and acceleration compared to competitor bikes. Its bikes can get you up to 20-28 mph, meaning you won’t have to compromise on performance.

The brand’s electric bikes all sit within the $2,500-$3,000 bracket, making them affordable for newbies. At the same time, Surface 604 offers a three-year warranty on its hydroformed frames and a two-year warranty on all of its parts. That’s confidence for a company that specializes in making affordable machines.

Our Review of Surface 604 E-Bikes

Where brute force comes up against agility and fun, the latter often wins. It’s a peculiarly American thing to add more power to batteries and motors and still not quite achieve the fun factor. This is why the small detail of the torque sensors make Surface 604’s e-bikes leaders — they will deliver as much power as you need with precision and speed. This is e-bike engineering at its finest!

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