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Overview of Tern E-Bikes

With offices in Europe, Asia, and the U.S., Taiwan-based Tern is making its mark in utility and cargo bikes. While its e-bikes aren’t as sexy as Cannondale or Giant, they’re a force to be reckoned with in this niche. The company currently sells its bike in 65 countries, making it a global powerhouse.

Tern’s electric utility and electric cargo bikes sell for up to around $4,000. Though the private customer is important to them, the e-bike brand has a strong focus on the business customer. Its goal is to help businesses become more sustainable by replacing cargo vans with cargo e-bikes.

Tern took its inspiration from the Arctic tern because of how light and small the animal is — just like its bikes. The bird also migrates extremely long distances, which is another ode to the far range Tern’s e-bikes provide.

Our Review of Tern E-Bikes

A core policy of Tern is to donate 1% of its annual profits to global climate-change-related causes. In 2022, this amounted to $50,000. With Tern’s core philosophy that its operations benefit the climate by reducing logistics emissions, donating additional funds every year to help alleviate climate change is practicing what it preaches.

Tern’s 15 e-cargo and utility e-bikes are very good machines that could turn hard-headed capitalists’ heads thanks to their reliability and speed that will help customers’ bottom lines. To cater to the business user, Tern powers its bikes with systems from Bosch and other leading e-bike motor brands. Its e-cargo-bikes can hack the pace of a delivery company or couriers just as they would a family that may not use the bike so much.

Not quite as cool as Tesla, the brand is achieving a similar goal by selling bikes that can outdo vans at their jobs.

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Tern Reviews

Tern HSD P9
Cargo, City, Commuter, Step-thru
60 mi
Tern GSD S10
Cargo, City
120 mi

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