Brand Overview

Velotric makes affordable electric bikes with in-house designed motors, batteries, and control systems. Considering even top-end manufacturers like Riese & Müller don’t get that far, this is a big thing to shout about.

The sealed, 350W-750W Velopower motors developed by Velotric offer a good amount of torque at around 45-75 Nm, and are complemented with batteries the company also designs. Add in the in-frame control display, and you’re getting close to what Specialized do with their flagship mountain bikes.

Many of their models can also be tracked via Apple’s Find My system, so if someone does try stealing it, you can soon find where they are. Though AirTags can do this anyway, isn’t it nice to have it on the system already?

With features like these, you’d wonder at the price point of Velotric’s machines. They aren’t anywhere near Specialized’s flagship e-bikes in cost — but closer to $1,500-$2,000. That makes for a premium design approach to what is an affordable-end e-bike brand.

Our Two Cents on Velotric

Where many other electric brands bolt on a range of ready-made components made by Bafang, Bosch, and Yamaha, Velotric have sought to make their components from scratch. That means they have been able to make precisely the machines they want you to ride instead of designing an electric bike around the available components. That’s ballsy as e-bike OEMs go — and something to seriously consider as you look for a quality, affordable electric bike. Relatively new to the e-bike market, we can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

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55 mi
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