Brand Overview

Xtracycle is an established brand that has manufactured bicycles for over 25 years. The company specializes in developing longtail or load-carrying electric bikes with extended frames designed to carry heavy loads.

The company’s models are often referred to as “sport utility bicycles” due to their ability to carry heavier loads than other electric bikes while retaining relatively high maneuverability. The Xtracycle vision is built around the bicycle being a “powerful change agent” that brings riders more freedom and utility. So its e-bikes aim to help people transform their lives, their mode of transport, and, most importantly, ride more and drive less.

Xtracycle’s Warranty and Customer Services

All Xtracycle e-bikes are protected by a warranty covering the frame and fork against manufacturing and material defects for the bike’s entire lifetime. If a warranty claim is approved, Xtracycle will provide a replacement frame or fork, or online store credit.

Other e-bike original parts are covered for one year for personal use and six months for commercial use. However, the warranty doesn’t cover wear and tear, improper assembly or maintenance, damage, accident failure, or abuse or misuse of the e-bike. Xtracycle offers solid customer service, including asking detailed questions about customers’ specific needs and providing follow-ups after a purchase has been made. The company also has a series of support articles on its website that will answer any queries or problems you may have.

Our Two Cents on Xtracycle

Xtracycle offers three core models of e-bike: the family-oriented, The Swoop; the utility-focused, The Stoker; and its commuter bike, The RFA. Let’s break them down:

  • The Swoop features a low step-thru frame that makes it accessible for all riders, even when loaded with young passengers and heavy cargo.
  • The Stoker is a more balanced e-bike that offers high capacity alongside the ability to handle all sorts of terrains, from city rides to trail adventures.
  • The RFA is a little more compact, with a mid-step frame and dual 24” wheels offering pace and agility while carrying passengers or cargo.

All three e-bikes are designed to carry the whole family with space for up to three passengers and a maximum load of 470 lbs. Despite those heavy loads, Xtracycles’ models offer impressive speed and range, with The Stoker providing a top speed of 20mph and The Swoop and The RFA pushing to 28mph. They also offer a maximum range of 30 to 60 miles on a single charge.

However, Xtracycles’ e-bikes don’t come cheap, as all three models start at $4,999, but they are ideal for all families to fall in love with the e-bike experience.

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