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Yuba’s founder, Ben Sarrazin, discovered cargo bikes while on his world travels as a young adult. Journeying around Africa and Latin America, he found that much of the world’s cargo transport wasn’t by internal combustion engine machines, but simply on two human-powered wheels.

On his return to California in 2007, he founded the cargo bike brand Yuba Bikes. He later electrified some of those cargo bicycles with mid-drive motors, bringing First World tech to a transportation mode he had been introduced to in the Third World.

The last 16 years have seen e-bike technology mature. A high-quality electric bike in 2007 would be one you could buy for less than $1,000 today in terms of ride quality and cargo capacity. Now, one of Yuba’s cargo e-bike models has a payload capacity of 550 lbs! It can seat up to three children or a full day’s deliveries for a local store and carry them at speeds up to 28 mph.

Yuba bikes are car killers in every way. If you have a family – even more than two children – they can be adapted to your needs. If you have a business that does deliveries around your town or city, these cargo e-bikes will handle a large payload of parcels. Shopping? You could feed the family for a week and even fit on a case or two of your favorite beverages without the cargo e-bike protesting. As far as utility e-bikes go, Yuba has you covered.

Our Review of Yuba Electric Cargo Bikes

Though not quite as cutting-edge as segment leader Riese & Müller out of Germany, Yuba’s cargo e-bikes are much more affordable and will do as much as their Teutonic rivals can in terms of payload and range. Yuba is an all-American brand that can justly lay claim to being the USA’s best homegrown e-cargo bike maker.

Another thing we love about Yuba is that they specialize in one area of e-bikes (cargo) and do it well. This differs from other brands that try to do too many things, but none to perfection. Being makers of excellent cargo bikes – and only that – carves out their place at the top of their niche.

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