11 Affordable Upgrades for Your E-Bike

Affordable e-bike upgrades
Cost-effective tweaks can enhance e-bike performance and deliver safety improvements. Discover how to upgrade your ride with our e-bike customization guide.
Affordable e-bike upgrades
Written by Rob Latham
Contributing Author
Affordable e-bike upgrades
Edited by Taylor Moon
Contributing Editor

One of the best ways to enjoy your electric bicycle to the max is to customize it — but the fun can falter if the enhancements cost almost as much as the e-bike itself. The good news is that you can get affordable e-bike upgrades that enhance your riding experience.

Not sure where to start? Discover the best way to affordably upgrade your ride with our e-bike customization guide.

Understanding Budget E-Bike Improvements

Minor tweaks can help you maximize the value of your e-bike, implement long-lasting safety improvements, and make it more comfortable. Here’s a closer look at the different types of e-bike enhancements — all available on a budget.

Performance Upgrades

Perhaps the best place to start improving your riding experience is to bolster your e-bike’s performance. Some e-bike performance boosts on a budget include:

  • Improved Battery Packs: In recent years, manufacturers have significantly enhanced e-bike battery packs while lowering costs. If your e-bike is a little older or has a poorly performing battery pack that fails to offer maximum range, the battery pack is a good place to begin your budget e-bike improvements.
  • Additional Battery: Besides improving the battery pack, you could also enhance your riding range by purchasing an extra battery. If your e-bike features a removable battery, you can carry the spare one in a bag or bottle cage and easily swap batteries mid-ride. Having an extra battery also helps lessen concerns about the primary battery running out of juice on longer rides.
  • Efficient Tires: An easy way to transform the feel and performance of your e-bike is to fit it with new, more efficient tires. Your e-bike may come equipped with tires that don’t suit your riding style or are too stiff, especially if it’s a hybrid or commuter-oriented model. But you can change that by fitting relatively affordable tires, like specialized gravel or smooth road tires.

Lowering your tire pressure is another helpful tip that won’t cost you anything. Reducing the pressure can make the e-bike more comfortable and offer some cushioning for those occasional bumps in the road.

Safety Upgrades

You can also use affordable e-bike upgrades to bolster the safety of your vehicle, especially if you have an older or high-velocity model. A few safety DIY e-bike upgrades include:

  • Advanced Lighting System: Enhanced visibility when riding an e-bike should be a mandatory upgrade for all riders. Consider investing in high-performance headlights and tail lights, as well as reflective clothes, pedals, and rim walls. And that’s just the bare minimum. You could also add lights on the frame and wear a helmet lamp to ensure you’re impossible to miss.
  • Upgraded Brake Systems: Perhaps the first thing you think about when purchasing your brand-new e-bike is its extra power and speed. However, with greater speed comes a critical need to stop. Granted, most high-velocity models include quality brakes, such as hydraulic brakes. But if you’ve opted for a cheaper bike, which tends to come with its own problems, or struggle to stop your bike, we firmly recommend prioritizing brake upgrades.

Aesthetic and Comfort Upgrades

Some budget e-bike improvements exist purely to make your bicycle look nicer or feel more comfortable. But these come with an added perk: a potential increase in the e-bike’s resale value. So keep that in mind as you consider these aesthetic upgrades:

  • Customizable Decals and Paint Jobs: Consider personalizing your e-bike with decals like stickers and tags. Stop by your local coffee shop, brewery, or bike shop and slap one of their stickers on your frame. There’s nothing like showing a little local pride. Plus, stickers are a great way to cover up unsightly frame scratches and scrapes.
  • Saddle Upgrades: There’s nothing worse than purchasing a new e-bike only to discover an uncomfortable or downright painful saddle. But this is easily remedied by adding a gel saddle cover or comfort cushions that make riding a little easier on your backside. You can also opt for a suspension seat post like the one from RedShift that softens the bumps in the road significantly. 

Prioritizing Upgrades Based on Need

You can also choose your affordable e-bike modifications based on your bicycle use. For example, accessories typically differ depending on whether you use your e-bike to ride on all terrains, commute to work, or go hunting.

Commuter-Focused Upgrades

Commuting in inclement conditions can cause you to arrive at the office covered in mud and soaked to the bone. But you can prevent this with a few affordable e-bike upgrades like: 

  • Fenders and Mudguards: If you plan to take your bike off-road or ride in wet conditions, fenders and mudguards are a must-have. They can help keep you clean and presentable for work while preventing dirt and grime from staining your e-bike.
  • Pannier Racks: A rear or pannier rack can be crucial for carrying bags and other luggage to work. The baggage securely fits into the rack, allowing you to ride comfortably without a heavy load strapped to your back.

Recreational Riding

Recreational riders can also make cost-effective e-bike tweaks that make their vehicle safer and easier to ride and store. For example:

  • Enhanced Grips: Many people overlook their handlebar grips, but this simple upgrade can transform your ride. More comfortable handle grips give you a more enjoyable ride, increased control, and less risk of your hands slipping.
  • Kickstands or Stands: Some e-bikes don’t come fitted with a stand, making storage a bit difficult. Just leaning the bike against a wall can cause it to fall, resulting in internal component damage or chips on the frame. Instead, add a kickstand or invest in a bike stand for safer storage.

Sourcing Your Upgrades

You can easily find affordable e-bike parts — from motors and batteries to accessories like grips and handles — at your local bike shop or online stores. Online shopping is often easier. Just do a quick search or, more ideally, visit your e-bike manufacturer’s webpage.

While going online can offer cheap parts and convenience, you must ensure the accessories are compatible with your e-bike. Consider taking the e-bike to your local store, where you benefit from getting the right parts, having them fitted, and gaining the expert advice of experienced mechanics.

Enjoy Personalizing Your E-Bike

E-bike performance boosts on a budget can undoubtedly improve your riding experience. So, take some time to explore which cost-effective e-bike tweaks and personalization options are best for you.

That said, safety should always be a priority. Don’t take your e-bike out on the road or trail unless you’re certain the new parts are securely fitted and won’t affect the performance. Also, consider help from a professional mechanic for any new parts that may be challenging to install, such as new batteries, grips, and tires.

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