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Benefits of E-Bikes

Benefits of E-Bikes
E-bikes offer a new world of experiences to people of all ages and fitness levels. Here are the top five benefits electric bikes can offer you.
Benefits of E-Bikes
Written by Rob Latham
Contributing Author
Benefits of E-Bikes
Edited by Robb Dorr

Increasingly popular, electric bikes offer a wide range of benefits, from helping people become more fit and healthy to addressing the challenges of climate change and global warming.

Arguably the most significant benefit of e-bikes is that they make cycling more inclusive. Regardless of your activities and goals in life, there’s an e-bike type just for you. An electric bike allows people of all ages and levels of fitness to replace the car or motorbike they use to commute to work and hit the tarmac on two wheels. Below, we’ll explore five of the most significant benefits of electric bikes:

Go Faster and Cover Longer Distances

E-bikes are packed with a battery and motor that help you travel faster and longer distances. Some electric bikes offer speeds of up to 28mph, although it’s worth noting road e-bikes are restricted to 20mph in the USA and can cover anywhere between 20 and 100 miles on a single charge.

A study funded by the European Commission found that e-bike riders tend to take longer trips than regular cyclists. The research found the average daily distance covered by e-bikers was 8.0 kilometers (4.97 miles) per person per day compared to 5.3 kilometers (3.29 miles) for everyday cyclists. In comparison, e-bikers covered an average of 9.4 kilometers (5.84 miles) per trip compared to 4.8 kilometers (2.98 miles) by non-assisted cyclists.

Improve Your Fitness

Many argue that you can’t get the same fitness benefits from an e-bike as a traditional bike, but let’s not jump to conclusions here. An e-bike may require less physical effort but you still work hard to keep the pedals turning and maintain the necessary energy level.

For instance, researchers at Brigham Young University found that electric mountain bike riders reached 94% of the average heart rate achieved on the same route using a regular mountain bike. Riding an e-bike may require slightly less effort, but the greater distances will help you get a good workout and improve your fitness.

Enhanced Health Opportunities

In addition to the fitness benefits discussed, electric bikes also make it easier for people with health issues to get into cycling. This includes:

  • Less joint stress: E-bikes place less demand on the joints and muscles, making it easier for less inactive people to get out on the road. As a result, electric bikes are an excellent option for people who want to commute to work or pop into town to run errands without taking their car.
  • Less muscle strain: One of the biggest cycling challenges for many is the strain it puts on the leg muscles. But electric bike motors add extra power to take you up big hills that may previously have seemed inconquerable and a boost of acceleration when you need it. That extra boost also means you need less recovery time to return to the bike for another ride.
  • Mental health and wellbeing: Getting out on a bike and exercising has significant mental health benefits. Being out on two wheels helps you get more fresh air and exercise, reducing anxiety and stress levels, boosting happiness, and improving your sleep.

Environmentally Friendly

Climate change and global warming are significant issues affecting society, and combustible engines are major contributing factors. Data from the US Environment Protection Agency in June 2022 found that a typical passenger vehicle emits around 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide yearly, plus other damaging greenhouse gases.

Electric bikes don’t emit dangerous gases, enabling people to live more sustainable and greener lives. More people using e-bikes and leaving their cars at home helps to improve the air quality and reduce noise pollution in increasingly overcrowded and polluted cities.

Financially Astute Transport

With the price of gas continuing to rise or simply uncertain, traveling or commuting to work with a car or motorbike can be costly. And public transport may incur unexpected expenses. Some e-bikes can cover up to 50 miles on a single charge, enabling you to comfortably commute to work and home without needing a car.

It’s possible to get a good quality e-bike on any budget but the investment will continue to deliver as you avoid paying for road tax, insurance, gas, and more. For example, the average American spends around $131 per month or $1,572 per year refilling their vehicles. So an electric bike can help to reduce these rising costs.

Count The Benefits With An E-Bike

Investing in an electric bike offers many benefits in terms of getting fit and healthy, cycling greater distances, and doing our bit to save the planet. It can save you money, ease the pollution blighting many major cities, and reinvigorate your enjoyment of life on two wheels.

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Written by Rob Latham
Contributing Author
Rob is a freelance writer with over a decade of experience reviewing consumer tech and electric vehicles.
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Edited by Robb Dorr
Robb is a massive cycling enthusiast who has more than 20 years of non-motorized cycling experience. He started to lower the barrier of entry to cycling and reduce the intimidation people can experience when getting into the cycling world.

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