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10 Benefits of Electric Mountain Bikes

Benefits of eMTBs
Mountain e-bikes are a fantastic support to tackling the most challenging terrains and off-road climbs. If that sounds intriguing to you, here are the top ten advantages of having a mountain e-bike.
Benefits of eMTBs
Written by Rob Latham
Contributing Author
Benefits of eMTBs
Edited by Robb Dorr

Electric bikes are taking the two-wheeled world by storm, enabling riders to tackle longer distances and conquer larger hills than they could have imagined. And one of the riding pastimes most impacted by the addition of motors and batteries to bicycles is mountain biking.

A mountain e-bike gives you added assist, kicking a little extra power into your legs to tackle the trickiest terrains and most challenging off-road climbs. An electric mountain bike can transform your riding experience and enable people who’ve previously been put off mountain biking to conquer the challenge.

What Are the Advantages of Mountain E-Bikes?

Mountain e-bikes offer a wide range of advantages, from additional power and greater capacity to possible fitness, health, and social benefits. Here are ten reasons why mountain e-bikes are advantageous for riders of all skills and experiences:

Unlock greater speed

If you have the need for speed on two wheels, then you’ll love the power of electric bikes. The most apparent advantage of mountain e-bikes is the extra speed and power provided by the electric motor. The boost of an e-bike motor can take you up to 20mph on the road, which is the legal limit in place on electric bikes, but many e-bikes will give you an extra assist of up to 28mph.

Tackle larger distances

With that greater speed comes the ability to tackle larger distances while putting in less energy. So an electric mountain bike can help you turn the 10-mile ride you’ve been restricted into 15 or 20-mile rides. For example, a study of electric bike users’ physical activity in seven European cities published in Science Direct found that people switching from regular bikes to e-bikes covered significantly greater distances. The study revealed that e-bikers would cover an average of 9.8km on e-bike trips compared to cyclists covering 4.8km on average. It also found that e-bike riders covered more distance daily, riding 8km compared to regular cyclists’ 5.3km.

The distance your mountain e-bike can cover will depend on its battery. The range will differ from bike to bike, but the average 6lb to 8lb lithium battery will take you up to 20 miles (32km).

Explore exciting new places

The extra range capacity of electric mountain bikes can help you explore new trails and take on more adventurous riding experiences. A trail or destination you may have been initially intimidated doing on a traditional mountain bike may sound more appealing on an electric mountain bike.

Potential health and fitness benefits

The fitness benefits of electric bikes have been widely debated. However, the study previously mentioned in Science Direct argues that the extra capacity and travel distance of e-bikes negates the potential losses of the motor’s power assist. The study also contends that e-bikes open up new cycling opportunities for people who may previously have struggled or been unable to get on a bike, such as people over the age of 65 or those suffering from diseases or illnesses.

Furthermore, a mountain e-bike requires less energy to hit top speeds, which can put less stress on the body and the heart than a regular mountain bike.

Enhanced stability

A mountain e-bike will typically be heavier than its traditional counterpart, given the extra weight of the additional components. Most are fitted with mid-drive electric motors in or on their bottom bracket and a battery on the downtube. However, the extra weight is centrally located and positioned low on the frame, which gives the e-bike a low center of gravity. This ensures greater stability and more comfortable and predictable handling, especially when descending hills or tricky terrains.

Tackle trickier terrains

A critical advantage of electric bikes for mountain bike riders is the extra power to overcome obstacles that a standard mountain bike might struggle with. For example, a mountain e-bike could help you traverse a steep or extremely rocky section of off-road terrain that might ordinarily force you to jump off the bike and tackle on foot.

New riding experiences

The electric motor’s power balances the extra weight of mountain e-bikes and makes for different riding experiences. It can be more of a handful on downhill off-road trails, but it enables you to adjust your handling style, change your positioning, and take new lines you wouldn’t usually attempt. This approach can enhance your bike-handling skills and, potentially, more exciting and faster rides.

Greater flexibility and versatility

Mountain e-bikes are ideal for navigating rough and rugged terrains. But adding a motor and battery to the traditional mountain bike also makes them better suited to doing more than simply climbing hills and off-roading. The added range and power make a mountain e-bike better suited to the daily commute to work or grocery shopping. This enables you to swap the car or motorbike you might use for these trips for an e-bike, which offers additional environmental benefits.

Putting the fun back into cycling

If you’ve lost a little love for cycling or struggle with the physical demands of the pastime, then an electric mountain e-bike can reinvigorate your passion for two-wheeled adventures. Riding an electric mountain bike is fun and straightforward, delivering a rush of energy and speed that’s sure to provide a thrill for all riders.

New social opportunities

A key advantage of mountain e-bikes is helping all riders tackle the hills or take on off-road terrains with their friends. The e-bikes are ideal for social events, leveling the playing field for riders of all fitness levels and giving everyone a chance to have a fun and sociable workout.

Consider the Electric Mountain E-Bike Benefits

Swapping a traditional mountain bike for a mountain e-bike offers a new world of riding experiences. You’ll be able to hit speeds, tackle tricky terrains you never dreamt of on your traditional bike, and ride further and longer. Mountain e-bikes can help you get to the top of mountain climbs faster, explore places further afield, and take on new off-road adventures. So switching to an e-bike could transform riding experiences and help people who wouldn’t previously consider mountain biking to take on a new hobby.

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Written by Rob Latham
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