What to Look For When Buying an Electric Beach Cruiser

Beach Cruiser on the Beach
Are you a casual or beginner rider looking to get your first e-bike? Electric beach cruisers could be the perfect choice for you. Here's what to look out for.
Beach Cruiser on the Beach
Written by Rob Latham
Contributing Author
Beach Cruiser on the Beach
Edited by Toby Hill
E-Bike Reviewer

Electric beach cruiser bikes are becoming increasingly popular with people of all ages and riding abilities, as they help to make cycling more accessible, comfortable, and enjoyable.

Beach cruiser e-bikes are particularly well-suited to casual or beginner riders who only plan to cover short or medium distances, though some of these e-bikes also boast a long battery range. They’re also ideal for exploring the thousands of miles of coastal roads in comfort and style.

What Is an Electric Beach Cruiser Bike?

Electric beach cruiser bikes are distinguishable from regular bikes thanks to a design that reflects the classic cruiser motorcycle look. These electric e-bikes feature a large saddle, rounded frame, and curved handlebars, which ensure a very comfortable ride.

Electric beach cruiser bikes are ideal for laid-back riders who want to cruise along the seafront, ride the daily commute to work, or run a few errands in town. To make it easier for you, our team has put together a complete list of recommended electric beach cruisers.

Electric Beach Cruiser Bike Benefits to Look Out For

Beach cruiser e-bikes are ideal for new riders and experienced e-bike enthusiasts alike. The benefits of riding a beach cruiser e-bike include:

Comfortable riding experience

The laid-back design of beach cruiser e-bikes, ensuring that you don’t have to crouch over as you ride, makes for a comfortable riding experience. Wide swept-back handlebars place your shoulders and wrists in relaxed positions, and a cushioned seat ensures an all-around comfortable ride.

Long-lasting battery

Choosing an electric cruiser bike packing a battery with a long-range per charge is a vital consideration if, say, you plan on taking extended journeys along the coast. A long-lasting lithium-ion battery pack can offer at least 30 miles on a single charge, with some beach cruiser e-bikes going up to 50 miles.

Revi Zero Cafe Cheetah
The Revi Cafe Cheetah 2

Cool design

Beach cruiser e-bikes feature a trademark look with their curved handlebars and laid-back riding style. The look and feel of the bike can be a critical feature in selecting your ideal model, so look out for bikes that feature a trendy design while ensuring they retain a high-quality build and materials.

Bike longevity

It’s vital to ensure you’re getting value from your beach cruiser e-bike. The last thing you want is to spend money on an e-bike only for the parts to wear out quickly or the motor or battery to fail after a few uses.

Beginner-friendly bikes

Beach cruiser electric bikes tend to be more affordable than other e-bike alternatives, which makes them an ideal choice for a first electric bike. These e-bikes are also more accessible to new riders, with their comfortable seats and low center of gravity making it easy to start riding.

Simple practicality

A key advantage of beach cruiser e-bikes is providing simple practicality to riders. In addition to offering extra power and distance, riders can attach a basket to store everything they need for a trip to the seaside or store their groceries.

Safety factors

Beach cruiser e-bikes can help riders hit high speeds, so it’s crucial to consider the features that will help to keep you safe. Good-quality e-bikes will feature top-of-the-range mechanical or hydraulic disc brakes that help you stop as quickly as possible, even at top speed. And a set of bright front and rear lights will help make you more visible to motorists and other road users.

Electric Beach Cruiser Bike Challenges to Consider

Despite these benefits, an electric beach cruiser bike won’t be for everyone. It’s therefore vital to consider some of the potential drawbacks before purchasing an e-bike, including:

Lack of acceleration

Some of the trendier-looking beach cruiser e-bikes typically feature heavy frames and batteries that prevent them from getting up to speed as quickly as other e-bikes. That said, when the motor does kick in, beach cruiser e-bikes can pack a powerful punch, with some models offering speeds up to 28 mph.

Handling difficulties

Beach cruiser e-bikes can present handling difficulties due to their size and weight. The bikes can be less easy to maneuver, especially when navigating small spaces or tight, winding trails.

Hill climbing

Many people purchase e-bikes to help them take on more challenging hill climbs. However, the heavier nature of beach cruiser e-bikes can make going up hills more taxing on the rider while also eating into the battery charge.

Choosing Your Beach Cruiser E-bike

Electric beach cruiser bikes are ideal for riding along coastal roads and short rides like commutes to work. Beach cruiser e-bikes help you leave the car or motorbike at home on these trips, saving money on travel costs and offering environmental benefits.

Choosing an electric cruiser e-bike won’t be the best option for everyone, especially those who live in hilly areas. The heavier design of some cruiser e-bikes can also make them less maneuverable or more challenging to carry.

But the comfort and accessibility of beach cruiser e-bikes are helping more people to get into cycling. They offer a cool design, appealing aesthetic, and relatively affordable price point that can help casual riders swap their car or motorbike for an e-bike. Furthermore, a beach cruiser e-bike will guarantee fun rides for people of all riding abilities.

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Written by Rob Latham
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Toby Hill
Edited by Toby Hill
E-Bike Reviewer
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