6 Tips For Buying An Electric Bike For Hunting

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Hunting e-bikes are designed to tackle any and all types of terrain. Here are our top six tips for buying a e-bike to take your hunting to the next level.
Written by Rob Latham
Contributing Author

Electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular with hunters as they simplify tackling off-road trails and navigating tricky terrains. However, only specific e-bikes are well-suited to hunters’ requirements, so you need to understand the nuances of hunting e-bikes.

Specifically-designed hunting e-bikes are quiet, emission-free, and minimize scent while traveling through rural areas. Below, our e-bike hunting guide advises the features that can help you easily navigate tricky terrains and carry large amounts of cargo on expeditions.

What Should I Look For In A Hunting Bike?

Hunting electric bikes must navigate tricky off-road terrains, cover large distances, be quiet enough not to scare off animals in rural locations, and have space to carry large amounts of cargo. With that in mind, here are our top tips for purchasing an e-bike for hunting.

Large Battery Capacity

A hunting trip can require people to cover large distances over long periods. Therefore, selecting an e-bike with a high-quality, robust battery that will last for your entire trip is essential. So look for an e-bike covering anywhere from 60 to 90 miles on a single charge.

A good battery will also be crucial when it comes to climbing steep hills and navigating off-road routes like dirt tracks and rocky paths. Trickier terrains will demand more effort from the battery, so you must ensure it can keep up with the load you put on it. Additionally, some e-bikes offer the option of an additional battery, which can help you cover double the regular distance on your hunting trip.

Powerful But Quiet Motor Drive

Purchasing an e-bike with a powerful motor is vital to helping you cover ground as quickly as possible. Indeed, some specialist hunting e-bikes can reach a top speed of 35mph, which isn’t strictly legal but perfectly acceptable off-road. We advise hunters to seek an e-bike with at least a 750-watt motor to give them the power to climb steep hills, tackle challenging terrains, and haul large cargo.

However, if the motor emits too much noise, it will only scare your prey away and result in a failed hunting expedition. So it’s also vital to ensure your e-bike packs a silent punch for stealthy hunting trips.

Fat, All-Terrain Tires

The tires fitted on your e-bike are vital for hunting purposes. Hunting e-bikes are typically equipped with wide, fat tires that offer optimal stability and comfort across all terrains and weather conditions.

Your e-bike must cover all sorts of challenging conditions, from mud, sand, and rocky paths to snow, so the tires must be thick and soak up the pressure from uneven terrains. It’s advisable to look out for tire features like strong, double-walled rims that prevent debris, mud, and water from getting inside, the ability to be deflated to provide greater traction in adverse conditions, and anti-puncture protection.

Durable E-Bike Components

Alongside the battery, motor, and tires, a specifically-designed hunting e-bike also comes with quality components that provide stability and traction on even the trickiest off-road trails. For example, hydraulic disc brakes will help you reach a rapid standstill at high speed, to avoid a hazard or when you see that prime hunting target. While a robust suspension fork can absorb significant impacts on uneven surfaces to ensure your ride is as smooth as possible.

Cargo Capabilities

Whenever you head out on a hunting trip, you’ll likely carry a large amount of cargo, including cooking equipment, cooler packs, food and drink, fishing rods, guns, spare batteries, tents, and more. Specifically-designed hunting e-bikes offer impressive cargo capabilities, allowing you to carry everything you need for lengthy expeditions. Some e-bikes offer a substantial maximum load of 350 lbs, thanks to front and rear racks, baskets, waterproof bags, and more.

Accessorize Your Hunting E-Bike

On top of the essential built-in components, you can also accessorize an e-bike to maximize the success of your hunting expedition. That includes add-ons like adventure kits, battery chargers, bottle cages, fishing rod holders, flashlights, skid-proof pedals, storage bags, USB ports, and much more.

Choose The Perfect Hunting E-Bike

E-bikes are proving a popular alternative to vehicles like ATVs and motorbikes, helping people to stealthily navigate off-road terrains more efficiently, quickly, and quietly. However, it’s crucial not to settle for any old e-bike when searching for a hunting e-bike. You should select an e-bike powered by a high-quality motor that offers a good range per single charge and is packed with top-notch components.

Ready to choose your perfect hunting e-bike? Read our guide to the best eight e-bikes for hunting.

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Written by Rob Latham
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