Rechargeable Tire Pump: CYCPLUS AS2 Pro Max Review

cycplus as2 pro max on a table
The small but mighty battery-operated AS2 Pro Max is a portable tire pump that threatens to replace the trusty CO2 pump. See if it has what it takes to earn a spot in our toolkit!
cycplus as2 pro max on a table
Written by Robb Dorr
cycplus as2 pro max on a table
Edited by Ashley Reid
Managing Editor

CYCPLUS AS2 Pro Max Review Overview

CYCPLUS reached out two months ago and asked me to test the AS2 Pro Max bicycle tire inflator, a rechargeable bike pump about the size of a wallet. I’ve used portable CO2 and manual tire pumps before but never considered a battery-operated one. Why not give it a shot?

The AS2 Pro Max succeeds two previous versions: the AS2 and the AS2 Pro. Already, the Pro Max has been quite popular. At the time of this review, it had just returned to the market after being sold out shortly after its launch in early 2024.

CYCPLUS claims the AS2 Pro Max can fill a 29 x 2.2” MTB tire from 30 PSI to 50 PSI seven times. Not only do I put that claim to the test in this review, but I also pit the AS2 Pro Max against a conventional CO2 pump to see how it compares. Is there a clear winner? Read on to find out!

Ideal For

  • Roadside Flats: The AS2 Pro Max easily fits in your pocket for quick, on-the-go tire inflation.
  • Pre-Ride Tire Top-Offs: Fill numerous low-pressure tires to the precise PSI before hitting the road or trail.
  • Inflating Sports Equipment: Keep the AS2 Pro Max in your sports bag just in case that basketball feels a little soft.
  • Fat-Tire Fill-Ups: Fat tires are a nightmare for standard pumps — but not for the AS2 Pro Max.

What We Like

  • A 5% discount with our promo code: ebikesorg
  • Wallet-sized for easy storage in a pocket, backpack, or bike bag
  • Pumps up far more tires per charge than a single CO2 cartridge
  • Real-time PSI readings

What We Don’t Like

  • Inflator and hose heat up after prolonged use (handle with care!)
  • Small, easy-to-lose presta valve converter parts

The Specs of CYCPLUS AS2 Pro Max

Out of the box, the AS2 Pro Max looks a lot like an action sports camera — think GoPro or Insta360 — with an LED screen and three buttons on one side and a lens-looking nozzle on the opposite.

Despite being the largest of the three pumps in CYPCPLUS’ AS2 series, the Pro Max is relatively light and compact. It weighs about 7.23 oz (205 g) and measures 2.36” x 1.26” x 3.19” (60 x32 x 81 mm).

AS2AS2 ProAS2 Pro Max
Dimensions1.83 x 1.10 x 2.56”
46.5 x 28 x 65 mm
1.93 x 1.10 x 2.76”
49 x 28 x 70 mm
2.36 x 1.26 x 3.19″
60 x 32 x 81 mm
Weight3.42 oz
97 g
4.23 oz
120 g
7.23 oz
205 g
Battery7.4 V 300 mAh7.4 V 420 mAh11.1 V 600 mAh
Endurance2 x 80 PSI2 x 110 PSI4 x 120 PSI
Max Pressure100 PSI120 PSI120 PSI
Charge Time20 min30 min1 hr
LED ScreenNoYesYes

The AS2 Pro Max’s box includes the following pieces:

  • Silicone Case: This translucent silicone sleeve slides over the inflator and acts as an oven mitt because the unit can get very hot after prolonged use (more on that later).
  • Hose: The 3-inch hose screws into the nozzle and lets you access hard-to-reach valves. The business end of the hose is threaded for Schrader valves, but it comes with a Presta valve converter if you need it.
  • Pillar: By far the smallest piece in the set, the pillar is essential in converting the AS2 Pro Max’s nozzle from Presta to Schrader. The manual includes instructions on how to convert the hose.
  • Ball Needle: This is your typical ball needle used for inflating basketballs, footballs, soccer balls — you name it.
  • Charging Cable: A mullet-like cable with USB on one end and USB-C on the other fully charges the AS2 Pro Max in about an hour.
  • Replacement Parts: The package includes a couple of replacement seals, just in case.
  • Waterproof Bag: This pouch keeps all the small bits and pieces safe and water-free.

What Is the CYCPLUS AS2 Pro Max for?

The AS2 Pro Max quickly and accurately inflates motorcycle and bike tires, whether at a short pitstop or before your daily ride. It will never replace your standard floor pump — nor was it ever designed to — but it’s a solid alternative to the standard manual and CO2-powered pumps.

Tried and true, CO2 pumps are reliable and familiar options. But a 16 g cartridge only fills one tire — two max — and doesn’t include a pressure gauge. This leaves you checking the tire pressure using the ol’ thumb-press method. As for manual pumps, if you have the time, go for it. But I’d like to get off the side of the road and back on my bike ASAP.

How Does the CYCPLUS AS2 Pro Max Work?

Operating the AS2 Pro Max is pretty easy, honestly. Hold the top button to power on the inflator, then set your desired PSI level using the +/- buttons.

Once ready, press the power (top) button again to start the pump. The bright LED on the back of the AS2 Pro Max shows the real-time tire pressure and automatically stops when the tire reaches the set PSI level.

Both the AS2 Pro and Pro Max come with a hose that screws into the nozzle and onto the valve. This setup ensures a tight seal on the valve and is ideal for pumping up tires beyond 100 PSI.

How to Use the CYCPLUS AS2 Pro Max on Presta Valves

The AS2 Pro Max’s nozzle natively works with Presta valves, while the hose comes set up for Schrader valves. However, both can easily be converted to handle the other. Here’s how you do that.

Convert the Nozzle to Schrader
Unscrew the nozzle’s tip, then pull out the rubber bushing inside. Flip it 180 degrees so the flat side faces you, and press the bushing back into the nozzle. Next, place the brass pillar (included) cylinder-side down into the recessed space of the nozzle. Finally, screw the nozzle tip back on.

Convert the Hose to Presta
This might be the easiest way to inflate tires with Presta valves. Screw the threaded brass end of the hose into the nozzle tip until tight. Screw the Presta converter tip into the opposite end of the hose. That’s it — told ya it was easy!

How Noisy Is the AS2 Pro Max?

When I first turned the pump on, it startled me because it was louder than I had expected. The AS2 Pro Max registered around 100 dB when not connected to a tire valve. However, I recorded 83.9 dB when inflating the tire. After a few uses, I got used to the noise, and it wasn’t too bad.

100.2 dB = not connected to a valve; 83.9 dB = connected to a valve

It may be hard to understand how loud 83 decibels is, so here are some common noisy objects to compare from the Hearing Health Foundation:

  • Average Room Noise: 50 dB
  • Lawnmower (Heard From Inside): 75 dB
  • Vacuum: 80 dB
  • AS2 Pro Max: 83.9 dB
  • Hairdryer: 90 dB
  • Motorcycle: 100 dB
  • Rock Concert: 120 dB
The AS2 Pro Max is about the size of a bike multi-tool. You can easily stash it in your bike bag or jersey pocket.

How Does the AS2 Pro Max Compare to a CO2 Pump?

For this test, I ruled out the portable hand pump due to its unlimited capacity. The real shootout is between the tried-and-true CO2 cartridge pump and the new rechargeable AS2 Pro Max. I put these two head-to-head while repeatedly filling up a completely flat 700 x 48c (28” x 2.0”) tire. Who reigns victorious? Take a look.

AS2 Pro Max vs. CO2 Test Results

As you can see from the results below, the AS2 Pro Max is clearly the winner in terms of the number of tires it can inflate — five versus just one with the CO2. While you may not need to inflate five tires in a row, it’s good to know you have more in the tank if needed.

The AS2 Pro Max also outperforms the CO2 pump in the pressure level category. Each of the five tires reached exactly 55 PSI — no guessing. I had to get my floor pump to measure the PSI after exhausting the CO2 cartridge.

CO2 (16 g cartridge)AS2 Pro Max
Number of Tires Inflated15
Pressure Level Reached37 PSI55 PSI
Time22 seconds106 seconds

The AS2 Pro Max fell short in the time category, taking almost five times longer than the cartridge to fill the tire. However, the AS2’s overall volume was much greater than that of the CO2 pump.

A word of caution: After filling the third tire, the AS2 Pro Max flashed ‘hot’ on the LED screen and shut off. I let it cool for a few minutes and then filled up the last two tires before running out of battery. And I found out the hard way that the business end of the hose gets very hot. Let it sit for a second before unscrewing it. 

Even with the overheating, it’s a no-brainer for me: I will be taking the AS2 Pro Max on all my rides from now on. The CO2 is fine in a pinch, but I’d rather be safe than sorry. If I ever run out of juice on the AS2 Pro Max, I can recharge it at a nearby coffee shop whilst I refuel with some coffee and a donut — or two.

Things to Consider

The AS2 Pro Max has some small parts — the hose, the Presta valve converter, and the brass pillar — that can get lost if you don’t keep them in the provided waterproof bag. I’d love to see a way to store at least the hose on the inflator unit. That would make it a little easier to ride with and carry.

Overheating is also an issue with the AS2 Pro Max. The silicone sleeve does its job of keeping the unit comfortable to the touch, but after filling three tires, the unit overheated. Now, I would use the AS2 Pro Max to top off my tires before a ride, so I’m not that concerned about overheating — just know that it happens.

I suspect some people will gripe about the price — USD 129. But over the pump’s lifetime, I think you will spend less than you would on CO2 cartridges. If USD 129 is too rich for your blood, you can opt for the AS2 or AS2 Pro models.


I was impressed with how the AS2 Pro Max performed. It will never replace my trusty floor pump, but it has earned a spot in my handlebar bag. It beats out the CO2 pumps on volume and pressure accuracy, even though it tends to run hot and takes longer to fill the tire — fair trade-offs if you ask me.

As more commuter e-bikes hit the market with USB charge ports, the AS2 Pro Max is a great tool for e-bike riders. If you ever run out of juice on the road, you can recharge it while riding. I say, if you can afford it, grab one for yourself.

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