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15 Essential Electric Bike Accessories For Every Rider

As the popularity of e-bikes has grown, so has the market for e-bike accessories. Here’s our list of 15 must-have accessories for every rider.
Written by Robb Dorr

Whether you are a first-time e-bike rider or an experienced cyclist, the right accessories can make your riding experience more convenient and comfortable. 

As electric bicycles have become more mainstream, the market for complementary accessories has grown. Which of the many gadgets and gizmos is worth your time?

We lay out the most important accessories for an enjoyable ride below.

Safety Accessories

We prioritize safety first — always — making these e-bike accessories a must-have for any cyclist.


Time and again, helmets protect against traumatic brain injuries and facial injuries. They can even save lives. To help protect consumers, some states have helmet laws. Even if your state doesn’t mandate helmets, we recommend them.

You can get different styles of helmets for different cycling needs. For example, mountain bike helmets often have visors to keep debris out of the rider’s eyes, while commuter helmets are more lightweight.


Good visibility helps prevent collisions, keeping you from crashing with other cyclists, pedestrians, or motorists. Make sure your e-bike is equipped with headlights to improve your sight when it’s dark out.

Rear lights, or taillights, are also a must, making it easier for those behind you to see you. Reflectors on the back of the bike can also help. If your bike doesn’t come with integrated lights, you can buy bike light sets to affix to it — for example, to the rear rack or handlebars.


Mirrors are another handy tool to enhance visibility. When you have side-view or rearview mirrors attached to your handlebars, you can glance at them quickly to see who’s behind you. This is a lot safer than turning your whole head and upper body.

You can buy separate mirrors for your bike. These usually have a flexible arm so that you can adjust the positioning. You affix them to the handlebars.

Repair Kit

Even if you invest in a high-quality e-bike and maintain it regularly, it’s possible to experience technical issues. A repair kit can help save you, ensuring you aren’t stranded. For example, a tire patch can help you fix a punctured tire long enough to replace it.

A bike repair kit might include tire patches, wrenches, a tire lever, and pliers, among other things. Many bike shops sell ready-made repair kits with all the goods you need. Discover how to save money on bike repairs.

Practical Accessories

Make day-to-day cycling more practical with these handy add-ons.


An e-bike will generally cost you at least $1,000 (usually more). To protect your financial investment, get a sturdy lock. This can help safeguard against thieves and bring you peace of mind.

Common locks include U-locks (or D-locks), which are giant padlocks around the bike frame. You can also get a chain lock or a cable lock if you want something lighter. Folding locks are great if you want to save space.

Bags, Baskets, and Rear Racks

When you’re cycling, the odds are that it’s not just you on your bike. You also want to bring along stuff — whether it’s your backpack for school, gym bag, or a grocery haul. Bike baskets, saddle bags, racks, and panniers make transporting goods easy.

Pannier bags are great for everyday use. These bike bags are slung over the bike’s back rack, behind the bike seat, so you have a compartment on either side of the rear wheel. If you want storage upfront, opt for a front basket in front of the handlebars.

Need even more storage? Try a bike trailer to pull behind you — or opt for a cargo e-bike. 

Fenders and Mudguards

Fenders are partial coverings that go over the bike’s tires, protecting against rain, mud, and dirt. They also protect the cyclist from splashback when going through muddy terrain. If you cycle to work, fenders — aka mudguards — are a must.

Fenders and mudguards can be made of various materials, including plastic and metal. Some types are installed with clamps and rubber straps. Other fenders need to be affixed to the bike by eyelets or mounting points.

Handlebar Grips

Have you ever arrived at your destination after a long bike ride only to find your hands blistered and bleeding? Ouch! Handlebar grips are the answer, improving comfort in various ways.

Ergonomic grips focus on giving you a more comfortable grasp. Traction grips are ribbed, making for a more secure grasp — ideal for people with sweaty palms. There are also grips with bar ends designed to reduce fatigue on long rides.

Bike Cover

A bike cover fits over your bike, helping protect against elements like rain, wind, and snow. It keeps the bike clean too. Popular materials for bike covers include nylon, synthetic leather, and canvas.

Outdoor bike covers focus on weather-proofing, and indoor bike covers focus more on protecting against dust and dirt particles. If you regularly keep your bike outside, look for a heavy-duty waterproof bike cover.

Performance Accessories

Want to take your e-bike’s performance to the next level? Check out these goods.

Tires and Tubes

Different bike tires are made for different types of cycling. For example, racing bike tires are super skinny to reduce friction with the road’s surface and improve speed. Meanwhile, mountain bike tires are puncture-resistant and wide to tackle tough terrain with rocks, sticks, and more. Pick your tires depending on your purpose.

Tubes are the rings that form the interior of the tire. They’re also called inner tubes. Make sure your inner tube size fits the bike’s wheel size and width. For example, commuter bike tires are sized in inches, like 26, 27.5, or 29 inches.


Different bike pedals are likewise suited to different purposes. Flat pedals are the most common and versatile. Most e-bikes come with basic flat pedals, but you can upgrade your bike with specialty pedals.

For example, mountain bike pedals have a larger surface area to accommodate the jostling and bumping around of trail riding. There are also pedals with clips that attach to special cycling shoes; these are popular in road racing.


The e-bike’s suspension is responsible for absorbing shock. It helps keep you safe and comfy when crossing bumpy surfaces like unpaved trails. A bike with front or rear suspension only has a shock absorber at the back.

For the smoothest ride possible, look for bikes with full suspension. Also called dual-suspension bikes, they have front and back shock absorption. For example, most mountain bikes have full suspension since cyclists are on bumpy terrain.

Convenience Accessories

These are the best e-bike accessories to make the cycling experience more convenient, saving you stress and hassle.


The bike’s kickstand pops out to prop it up and keep it upright even if you aren’t on it. This is useful if you need to hop off quickly and there isn’t a bike rack nearby. It’s better than lying your bike on the ground, where it might get damaged.

This feature is especially important for e-bikes, which tend to be heavier than traditional bikes because of the motor’s added weight. Most e-bikes come with a built-in kickstand with a spring-loaded latch.

Phone Mounts

A bike phone holder secures your cell phone to the handlebars or stem, where you can easily see and reach it. While you should never text while cycling — it’s a dangerous distraction — having your phone at hand is great if you use it for audio navigation.

A phone mount can be useful for delivery drivers who use apps to organize their work. Plus, some e-bikes have apps that connect with a phone to check stats like speeds on the phone. There are brand-specific mounts and versatile mounts with moveable clasps or arms that grab your phone to stabilize it.

Water Bottle Cages

A strenuous bike ride can leave you parched. A water bottle holder makes sure you can rehydrate on the go. Most bike holders are attached to the bike’s handlebars, stem, or saddle area, so you can reach down and grab the water bottle easily.

Water bottle cages are generally made of plastic or metal, featuring flexible arms to pop the water bottle in and out. Pro tip: Always ride with a plastic water bottle. You don’t have to worry about shattered glass if you’re in an accident.

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