Overview of Cannondale E-Bikes

Forged in a Connecticut workshop in 1971, Cannondale has since become an industry-leading and award-winning brand across the world.

Ever ridden an aluminum-frame bike? Cannondale was the first on the scene with those — back when other manufacturers were still using steel. It has led the way with mass-produced carbon frames, too.

With the 2023 SmartSense rider radar system, it has divided the cycling community too, but we don’t doubt that all other major cycling OEMs will follow suit with similar equipment. 

These revolutionary ideas have grown Cannondale from a small bicycle-making workshop in Connecticut to a top global brand, with several Design and Innovation Awards under its belt. As with Trek, the brand has its own sports teams in gravel, road, and MTB that showcase what the firm’s engineers can do given free reign to make the best possible e-bikes. 

Our Review of Cannondale E-Bikes

The Apple of the cycling world in terms of market-leading tech, there is no doubt that Cannondale makes excellent electric bikes. Lightweight, reliable, and groundbreaking, its machines are a byword for top-class mass-produced e-bikes.

You’ll enjoy high-quality motors from markers like Hydrive, Mahle, and Bosch that let you power up to a max speed of 28 mph. And you’ll also have a wide selection of choices when it comes to the model you prefer, as Cannondale carries electric road bikes, mountain bikes, fitness bikes, urban bikes, and touring bikes.

If there is one drawback, as with the UK’s Raleigh and Germany’s Haibike, Cannondale has ceased to be an independent company and is now part of an international sports conglomerate business. While consistently rated among the best of the global giants in cycling, it isn’t a purely American brand anymore. If buying a standardized (if undoubtedly beautiful) machine is your thing, then this is a good thing. For those who want an e-bike developed in the U.S. for Americans, then this could be a minor weakness.

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