Cannondale Treadwell Neo 2 Remixte Review

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37 mi


20 mph


3 hrs


40 lbs


Rear Hub


Cannondale Treadwell Neo 2 Remixte Review: Takeaway

A basic electric bike that doesn’t do much more than ride around, the Treadwell Neo 2 Remixte does one job and does it well. Most people aren’t about to cross the continent by e-bike, and this won’t do that very well. It’ll meet most of your needs in your suburb or city, and your bank manager won’t laugh you out of his office when you want to buy it, either.

Ideal for...

Whizzing Round to a Friend's House
Cafe Hopping
Getting To and From Meetings
Going for a Ride in the Countryside
Family Rides

E-Bike Overview

Are you after a basic electric bike with little in the way of garnishes and accessories that gets you around very well? You won’t go wrong with the Cannondale Treadwell Neo 2 Remixte.

Lacking a suspension fork, fenders, rack, or lights, the e-bike in question is very basic. Fitted with a 250W rear hub motor that offers up to 40 Newton meters of torque and a Class 1 e-bike speed of 20 mph, it’ll get you about nice and quick.

Its battery is only 250 Wh, and there’s no range extender option. However, most cycling in the U.S. is a short trip, so this shouldn’t be a problem. Asking for more is like needing an electric car that might do 500 miles nonstop on your once-in-a-lifetime family emergency yet only ever driving 20 miles most of the time.

For its lack of creature comforts or gadgets, the e-bike is quite light as these machines go, tipping the scales at just 40 lbs. That means it’s light and agile. Thanks to the rear hub motor offering very little friction when not under power, when the battery goes, you can easily get home. The seven-speed drivetrain gives you the gears you need to make it up hills even without power.

Reasons to Buy

One gadget we do like is the stem-integrated smartphone mount, which can be used as a GPS mapping system alongside the LCD controller. There’s also a handlebar mode switcher that makes it easy to change your level of pedal assist.

Otherwise, it’s a very basic but fun e-bike to ride. It’ll suit anyone who isn’t planning to ride long distances with huge cargo or wants to show off what a pretty e-bike they have.

Things to Consider

The Cannondale Treadwell Neo 2 Remixte lacks a rack and fenders. That could be a problem when carrying your gear to work, but let’s face it — a laptop isn’t going to break your backpack, is it?

You also only get a maximum of 37 miles per charge on this. If you have a longer commute or want to go on a day ride, you might be out of luck unless you can stop for a charge.


Hyena MRC 250 rear hub, 40 Nm
250 Wh in-tube
Hyena display, smartphone mount
Power Delivery
microSHIFT M26S 7-speed 11-34t
Tektro mechanical disc brakes, 160mm rotors
650b x 47c Maxxis DTR-1

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



You may regret owning this if you live in downtown San Francisco. However, the 250W rear hub motor will get you around most less hilly cities without much of a fuss. Its 40 Nm of torque will help accelerate you to the top speed of 20 mph quickly, and the Maxxis DTR-1 road tires offer little in the way of rolling resistance.


Weight is the enemy of performance, and the 250 Wh in-tube battery helps keep weight down at the expense of range. Though an agile e-bike to ride, it’s still quite limited in terms of daily riding distance, as the top distance is only 37 miles.

You’ll likely get less, especially if you’re on rougher terrain or have a higher payload weight. A larger rider on a hilly route will get fewer miles than a smaller rider on a flatter route.


Lacking a suspension fork or suspension seatpost, the Treadwell Neo 2 Remixte does feature 65b wheels to comfort your arms and rear end. You’ll be sat in an upright, city bike position, which should reduce strain on your upper body. We do like the soft grips, cushy saddle, and riser handlebar — these all add a nice touch of comfort on rides. And let’s not forget the step-through design that makes it easy to get on and off.


There’s not a lot to go wrong with this e-bike. The chain will need replacing every 1,000 miles or so, as will the disc brake pads. Cables will stretch and require adjusting.

Cannondale is a world-renowned brand, and you can expect its machines to last many years if looked after well.


For its basic appearance, this isn’t an ugly duckling. Its modesty is its strength. We like the proportions of the wheels and frame and the two green color schemes. Nothing too showy — perhaps less of a theft risk, too? Don’t go leaving it unlocked outside the cafe while you’re enjoying your coffee, though.

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