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tenways cgo800s sky blue
Robb Dorr,
tenways cgo800s sky blue
Ashley Reid,
Contributing Editor
Images from manufacturer's website

48 mi


20 mph


4.5 hrs


46 lbs


Rear Hub


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Ideal for...

  • Enhancing Mobility: The lightweight, step-through frame allows riders to easily mount and dismount.
  • Commuting to Work: TENWAYS thoughtfully designed the CGO800S’ features with the commuter in mind.
  • Discovering New Places: Pair with the TENWAYS app to cast turn-by-turn directions to the integrated display in the handlebar stem.
  • Improving Your Fitness: The lightweight design means the CGO800S can be ridden without constant motor use.

TENWAYS CGO800S Review Overview

Don’t let the looks fool you; there’s more to the TENWAYS CGO800S than meets the eye. At first glance, the CGO800S looks like a conventional step-through commuter bicycle, but when you study it, you start to see the electronics hidden in plain sight.

Take, for example, the CGO800S’ display that TENWAYS seamlessly integrated into the handlebar stem. The appearance is simple, but its functionality is exceptional. As the control center of the CGO800S, the display not only shows your speed, odometer, PAS level, and battery charge level, but it also connects to your phone and shows turn-by-turn directions.

TENWAYS even achieved long-range capability on a lightweight e-bike by doing the unexpected: opting for efficiency over pure, raw power. Typical long-range bikes combine powerful motors on the market with a massive battery. Instead of going that traditional route, TENWAYS connected a very light 374 Wh battery to an ultra-efficient 350 W motor via a torque sensor, allowing riders to travel up to 53 miles per full charge.

All these innovations don’t affect the weight or performance. Like TENWAYS’ other city commuter, the CGO600 Pro, the CGO800S is ultra-light, whisper-quiet, and glides over the road. This is all thanks to its aluminum frame, Gates CDX belt drive, and SR Suntour suspension.

The CGO800S is exactly what I’ve come to expect from TENWAYS. It has become the bar-setter for electric commuter bikes with its integrated blinkers, GPS turn-by-turn directions, full-coverage fenders, and efficient power usage that can get you to and from the office numerous times per charge. Without a doubt, the CGO800s is one of the most enjoyable e-bikes I’ve ridden.

What We Like

check icon
Smooth ride thanks to the carbon belt drive, front suspension, and 28” tires
check icon
Upright riding position allows you to see the road ahead and pedal comfortably
check icon
Easy to carry and maneuver with a total weight under 50 lbs (including the 5.8 lb battery)
check icon
Simple, clean, and elegant design details everywhere you look
check icon
Low maintenance with the Gates CDX carbon belt drive

What We Don't Like

con icon
Low cargo rack payload capacity
con icon
May not suit commutes with lots of steep hills

Specs: Weight & Dimensions

46 lbs
Battery weight
5 lbs
Rider height range
Max. rider weight
264 lbs
Max. cargo weight
11 lbs

Specs: Electrical

379.6 Wh (36 V, 10.4 Ah) 21700 Lithium-ion Battery
Charge time
4.5 hrs
Rear Hub
Mivice M080
Motor sensor
Torque Sensor
40 Nm

Shipping & Assembly

As somebody who unboxes several e-bikes a month (humble brag), I see a ton of protective styrofoam and plastic. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the TENWAYS bike box and saw the CGO800S bound by Velcro straps rather than plastic zip ties.

Unlike most e-bikes, the TENWAYS CGO800S’ bike box doesn’t weigh that much, making it easy to lift and move around. Assembling the CGO800S was also straightforward, taking me about 30 minutes to put together. It came nearly road-ready. I attached the handlebars, bolted on the front headlight and fender, and I was off and riding!

If you’ve never assembled a bike or feel uncertain of your mechanic skills, give your local bike shop a call and see if they will put it together. You’ll be glad you did.

Apps and Connectivity

Most e-bike companies have an app that connects to your e-bike and expands its capabilities. The TENWAYS app does all that and more. For example, it casts turn-by-turn directions to the CGO800S’ display so you can leave your phone safely in your pocket while you explore new parts of the city.

The integrated display is the control center for the CGO800S. It blends in with the bike for a clean elegant look, but under the hood lies a ton of technology and functionality.

The TENWAYS app also allows you to track your rides, showing how far you rode and when. It’s a nice feature to have if you’re on a fitness journey and want to track your progress.

You can even use the TENWAYS app to get in touch with TENWAYS’ support staff instantly. If anything happens to your ride, click the customer support icon in the app and get the help you need wherever you are.

How the TENWAYS CGO800S Performed

Before I rode the CGO800S, I thought that if I had ridden one electric commuter bike, I’d ridden them all. What more can they show me that’s different?

Well, let me tell you, the CGO800S stands out amongst a sea of commuter e-bikes as the truest by definition. It has everything you need and nothing you don’t. TENWAYS has designed the CGO800S to be so smooth and efficient that it gives you a feeling of simplicity and elegance while riding.

I assumed that a light and dainty-looking e-bike would be underpowered. I was, once again, surprised as the CGO800S’ smooth power revealed itself within the first pedal stroke, immediately vanishing any doubts.

The Frame

There are step-through e-bikes, and then there’s the CGO800S. It provides a massive space for the rider to step through, making it a fantastic choice for seniors or riders with mobility issues. The frame’s light weight also facilitates mounting and dismounting, since you don’t have to worry about balancing a heavy object.

The massive step-thru design of the CGO800S’ frame facilitates mounting and dismounting — a perfect fit for riders with mobility restrictions.

More than its low weight, the frame’s color and finish are stunning. My model’s Sky Blue frame sported a satin finish that I couldn’t help but run my hand down when I first got it. The CGO800S also comes in Midnight Black and Pebble Gray for those of you into more muted colors. Any choice is a good one.

The Motor and Drivetrain

Make sure to consider maintenance when shopping for an electric commuter bike. You’ll likely put hundreds of miles on it every month, resulting in chain wear and tear that needs regular cleaning and oiling. It’s not the end of the world, but it can be a hassle and, if neglected, lead to faster component degradation.

No chain, no worries. The Gates CDX carbon belt drive lowers the need for regular maintenance and improves the durability of the CGO800S. These belts are tough and last for thousands of miles.

The fine folks at TENWAYS know that, and so they opted for the Gates CDX belt drivetrain. It replaces the chain with a super strong, tough-as-nails carbon belt — no oiling or cleaning needed. Ride it through most any weather and then leave it alone.

The only time I’ve seen one of these belts fail was when Ryan Van Duzer took his bike on a bikepacking trip and rode through a day’s worth of rain and mud. He had to stop along the trail and dig the mud out of the cogs with a stick. But, you’re not likely to be running into that on your commute.

I say all this because the Gates belt drive system not only lowers your maintenance needs and costs but also makes for a buttery smooth ride. There’s no chain noise and no grit grind in the cogs — just smooth, silent riding.

MIVICE’s 350 W rear hub motor is so quiet you would forget it’s there if it weren’t for the powerful push it gives.

TENWAYS paired the belt drive with a torque sensor that powers the motor only as needed. When my pedaling became more difficult, I received more power from the motor. Once my pedaling eased up, I could feel the motor back off, and I was doing more of the work. It’s a much different ride than that of a cadence sensor.

The Battery

The light 379.6 Wh Lithium-ion battery adds to the CGO800S’ efficiency. It is ideal for riders in the city with its long, narrow shape and minimal 5.8 lb weight. It easily fits into a backpack or messenger bag.

Blending into the frame, the 379.6 Wh Lithium-ion battery is the perfect size for this ultra-lightweight commuter.

While not the highest capacity battery on the market, it held enough charge for me to spend several hours riding around town and complete several hill climb tests. Such a lightweight battery also ensures you don’t end up carrying around a bunch of dead weight if it runs out of charge. You can ride the CGO800S like a conventional bike, no problem.

The Handlebars

Personally, I like the appearance of a clean handlebar on my bikes, conventional or electric. Much like the rest of the bike, the CGO800S sports a very clean look with two controllers on either side of the handlebars.

The CGO800S’ handlebars are curved and swept back, making a soft stretched W shape that puts the faux leather grips closer to the rider. I found them very comfortable but still angled enough so that if I wanted to get aggressive on my ride, I could lean into them and really dig out a sprint.

With mostly internal controller wires, you don’t see a lot of cord clutter like you do on other e-bikes. A few cables that hang below the center of the handlebar stem take away from the clean look, but given that they’re connection points, I understand the need to have them accessible.

The CGO800S’ large, integrated display also sits on the stem, blending right in, so you can barely tell it’s there when not in use. The TENWAYS app connects to the display and casts turn-by-turn GPS directions to it.

When I tried it out, I left my phone in my pocket and let the bike show me where to go — easy peasy. The display also showed me the usual odometer, speedometer, trip odometer, and battery charge level.

The CGO800S is operated by two controllers — one on either side of the handlebar. The controller on the right powers the bike, along with the headlight and blinkers. The controller on the left side of the cockpit controls the five levels of pedal assist and switches the mode of the display. I found both of these controllers easy to reach while riding and effortless to use after I spent a little time playing with them.

Wheels and Fenders

The streets are brutal here in Dallas, so I can appreciate an e-bike that absorbs rough road conditions. The CGO800S surprised me (again) with how smoothly it rolled over the jagged city roads, thanks, in part, to the SR Suntour NEX E-25 front suspension and large 28” wheels.

I see more and more SR Suntour components on the market these days, and I must say I’m impressed with their performance. The NEX E-25 shocks’ 63 mm of travel offered more than enough to dampen the bumps. They respond quickly, providing a soft — but not splashy — ride on the front.

tenways cgo800s front tire – cst classic zeppelin
CST Classic Zeppelin XLs on the CGO800S are smooth but grippy. Metal fenders keep the elements on the road where they belong — not on you.

The CGO800S’ 28” wheel diameter is common on mountain bikes these days, and for good reason. The larger wheel and wider wheelbase provide a smoother riding experience over rough terrain. While the bigger wheels make the bike feel a little taller, they allow the rider to sit higher and see over traffic. It’s a win-win all around.

I found the CST Classic Zepplin XL tires rolled smoothly and had a good grip. I imagine you could always switch them for something knobbier if the terrain demanded it, but they’re perfect for city riding.

The wheels also sport a reflective sidewall so motorists can see you from the side. Plus, the slick matte black fenders keep the elements where they belong… not on you. Made of light yet durable aluminum, they‘re a cinch to put on during assembly.

Performance: Hill Climb Test

Without a traditional gear cassette, I didn’t expect much climbing capability from the CGO800S. But I stand corrected — it performed very well. Now, I will say that using zero pedal assist — or even level 1 — made getting up the hill a bit of a grind, requiring lots of leg power and even some out-of-the-saddle work. However, once I hit pedal assist level 2, the going got much easier.

Attempt #Pedal Assist LevelAvg. Speed
21 (Eco)11.1
32 (Normal)13.1
43 (Tour)13.5
54 (Power)14.3
65 (Boost)16.7

If the CGO800S was any heavier, it would make climbing a tough task. However, TENWAYS has done such a great job making this a lightweight commuter, so it performed surprisingly well on this test.

The torque sensor plays a massive part in climbing, supplying more power as the pedaling gets harder and then conserving power when you don’t really need it. The climbing experience differs from that of an e-bike with a cadence sensor. A cadence sensor delivers full power as soon as you start pedaling at that pedal assist level.

The CGO800S, though, helps you find a good balance of pedaling and power delivery. This approach allows you to climb longer hills, use less battery, and ultimately go longer distances. You will end up using more of your legs, though.

Pro Tip: Got a tough climb in front of you? Hold down the Pedal Assist button on the left controller to enable the Walk Assist mode. The motor powers on without pedaling, letting you walk next to the CGO800S as it pushes itself along.

Performance: Brake Test

When riding in traffic, you’ll undoubtedly need to stop quickly for a pedestrian, an inconsiderate motorist, or that random car door that pops open. Well, rest assured that the CGO800S helps you avoid danger and stay in control.

Attempt #Stopping Distance (in feet)

The hydraulic Tektro brakes on the CGO800S performed splendidly. I see these a lot on other e-bikes and am always pleased with their performance. The 160 mm rotors on the CG0800s are plenty big enough and work well to control the bike on descents and tight turns.

I have only positive things to say about these Tektro brakes. I especially love that they are hydraulic, which ensures plenty of stopping power when necessary, so I won’t be at the mercy of a mechanical failure like a cable break. Tektro is an affordable brand that most — if not all — mechanics can repair and service when the time comes.

Performance: Range Test

Needless to say, the CGO800S performed extremely well on the range test. TENWAYS designed the CGO800S to get the most mileage possible out of a lightweight electric commuter. After a day of testing and riding around the city, 28% of the battery yielded 13.5 miles. Plugging that into our little equation, we get 13.5/.28 = 48.2 miles per full charge.

You can expect about the same, but your actual range depends on your commute, the ambient temperature, your weight, and how much cargo you’re carrying. I live in Dallas where hills are scarce, but I do weigh 205 lbs — probably more than most commuters, so consider that.

While not the 53 miles that TENWAYS claims, it’s still a good distance and very impressive, considering the size of the motor and battery. Could you get more out of a bigger battery and a more powerful motor? Sure, but then you’re adding a ton of weight to your ride.

Range hack: There is a speed limit setting on the CGO800S, accessible in the settings menu of the display, that cuts the motor off at a certain speed so you get more distance out of your ride. The trade-off is that you will be using your legs more once reaching that speed limit. This trick can extend the range of the CGO800S well over the 53 miles that TENWAYS claims. You’re welcome.

Things to Consider

If your commute covers miles and miles of San Fransisco-like hills, the CGO800S probably isn’t the best choice. It will still climb well and get you to where you need to be, but you’ll end up doing most of the work. Without a lighter gear to shift into on those steep climbs, you can only add more pedal assist. For most of us, though, the CGO800S is more than enough bike.

The only other thing I could find to nitpick was the 22 lb cargo capacity of the rear rack. TENWAYS’ engineers told me that the rack can carry up to 22 lbs, but customers have reported that loading the rack up to that weight can result in “suboptimal riding experiences”. While 22 lbs might meet the average commuter’s needs, I’d like a little more carrying capacity reassurance.

TENWAYS CGO800S Review: Takeaway

TENWAYS has knocked it out of the park with the CGO800S, setting the bar for other Class 1 commuter e-bikes on the market. It offers unmatched elegance and — at least in my experience — the smoothest ride. The CGO800S looks like a conventional bike but outperforms most of its e-bike competition.

If I were looking for a commuter e-bike, I would pick the CGO800S, hands down. The step-through frame also makes it a great option for seniors or riders with mobility restrictions.

On top of all that, TENWAYS charges just $1,799 for the CGO800S (as of March 2024) — a great price for everything you get with this e-bike. It’s a no-brainer.

Specs & Components

Wheels and tires
28”x2.0” CST Classic Zepplin XL Puncture-proof
Tektro hydraulic brakes, 160 mm rotors
Front suspension
SR SUNTOUR NEX E-25 HLO DS 700C, 63 mm of travel
Single-speed drivetrain; Gates CDN carbon belt
Rear chainring
22 t
Front chaining
60 t
6061 Aluminium

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



The CGO800S isn’t the most powerful e-bike on the market — but it offers something arguably better for commuters: a lighter e-bike that balances power and power delivery. This winning combination makes for a smooth, effortless ride through the city. I was still able to climb hills but had to use more of my legs. This is a Class 1 e-bike, after all. No throttles here.


As far as long-range electric bikes go, the CGO800S is a strong contender in the commuter category. TENWAYS has done a great job getting the most out of a lightweight e-bike like this, offering a range of 40-50 miles. Even if the battery does drain fully, the bike is so light you can ride it without power — something I can’t say about many other e-bikes on the market.


Comfort is the name of the game with the CGO800S. The swept-back handlebars put the grips close to the rider at a comfortable angle, taking the weight off their wrists and allowing them to sit more upright. The only knock on comfort I found was that the saddle was a little too wide for my butt. That’s a personal choice, though, and everybody’s anatomy differs.


The CGO800S receives a perfect score here, thanks to its quality construction and top-notch components. This e-bike is built to last, especially with the maintenance-free belt drive. Ride the CGO800S rain or shine, and then just put it away – no fuss, no muss. TENWAYS has meticulously designed and crafted every part of the CGO800S, and it shows.


The CGO800S doesn’t look like an e-bike, and that’s why it gets such high marks from me. It wasn’t until I stepped back and looked at it that I noticed its electrical components. There’s no bulky downtube hiding a big battery or a chunky rear hub motor lurking in the back. There’s just a refined elegance that makes it look like a conventional commuter bicycle. And I love that.

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