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Tenways CGO600 Pro Review

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robb dorr
Robb Dorr,
Taylor Moon
Taylor Moon,
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52 mi


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35 lbs


Rear Hub


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Tenways CGO600 Pro Review: Takeaway

In the bustling landscape of e-bikes, the Tenways CGO600 Pro emerges from the crowd as the embodiment of commuting perfection.

Tailored for city dwellers seeking a lightweight, low-maintenance, and high-performing companion, this e-bike is a beacon of efficiency. It effortlessly weaves through city traffic, conquers daily commutes, and tackles all-weather challenges without breaking a sweat. With a whisper-quiet motor and hydraulic brakes for impeccable control, the CGO600 Pro elevates the daily grind.

This bad mamma jamma is a statement – a declaration that commuting can be stylish, efficient, and downright enjoyable. If you’re an urban explorer yearning for a bike that mirrors your lifestyle, the CGO600 Pro is your ticket.

Ideal for...

Commuting: The Tenways CGO600 Pro doesn’t just excel in commuting; it was born for it.

Low-maintenance riding: This e-bike is your ticket to a low-maintenance, lightweight journey through the urban jungle. Glide through city streets effortlessly, thanks to its powerfully efficient components, making every commute a joyride.

Beating traffic: If your daily grind involves weaving through traffic, conquering city hills, and arriving with style, the CGO600 Pro is your perfect commuting companion, elevating your urban biking experience to a whole new level.

Tenways CGO600 Pro: Overview

Meet the CGO600 Pro (pronounced CEE-GO) – Tenways’ featherlight masterpiece and one of the market’s lightest e-bikes. Engineered for as little maintenance as possible, the Gates Carbon CDX belt drive steals the spotlight, requiring no BS like chain oiling or annoying derailleur adjustments – just pure, hassle-free riding.

Abstaining from the standard bulky battery, the CGO600 Pro is a champion of efficiency with its torque sensor, lightweight build, carbon belt drive, and a clutch rear hub motor, delivering a very respectable 52-mile range.

This electric bike doesn’t skimp on performance despite its minimalist design, blending urban sophistication with functional prowess.

And best of all, it’s all yours for less than $2,000 – an extremely wallet-friendly ticket to the future of cycling. Welcome to the “CEE GO” era – where elegance meets efficiency without breaking the bank.

Tenways CGO600 Pro Assembly

Assembling the CGO600 Pro is as easy as it gets. It practically puts itself together.

First, fasten the handlebars onto the stem and tweak the stem angle until it’s just the right height for your cruising comfort. Secure those top-notch metal fenders and cinch down the seat post – air up those tires, and voilà, you’re ready to hit the pavement. The adjustable handlebar stem allows you to set the riding angle you desire – choose a more aggressive angle for fast energetic riding, or a more upright height for comfortable cruising.

One of the most beautiful things about the CGO600 Pro is that you can forget about wrestling with chains and gears. The belt drive takes care of business without breaking a sweat – no muss, no fuss. (You can take a deep breath now).

You won’t find a smoother, more maintenance-free setup than the Gates CDX belt drive on the CGO600 Pro. Go ahead and toss out that chain oil right now.

You’ve probably heard us say this before, but if you’re feeling uncertain about assembly, consider handing the reins over to a seasoned bike mechanic. Trust us; they’ll be grinning from ear to ear to assemble this quality ride, and you can roll out with everything perfectly aligned.

Components of the CGO600 Pro

Ready to dive into the irresistible juicy bits that make the CGO600 Pro worth your serious consideration?

Well, alright then, let’s do it!

Frame: Light as a Feather, Sturdy as a Rock

The CGO600 Pro’s frame gives off some pretty serious carbon fiber vibes, but don’t be fooled – it’s crafted from the finest 6061 aerospace aluminum.

But this frame doesn’t stop at simply being a lightweight powerhouse. An integrated headlight is a smart touch, boosting its commuting prowess to a new level. It’s bright enough to guide you through the darkest city streets, waterproof, and seamlessly blends into the frame’s design, effortlessly controlled with the touch of a button on the controller.

Fully weather-proof, the dual headlight on the CGO600 Pro is a head-turner. You won’t not be noticed when you’re flashing these.

The feel of riding the CGO600 Pro is beauty in action. Despite being lightweight, this bike’s frame provides a stiff and responsive feel – think steel-frame fixie. It’s not just about being light; it’s about confidently commanding the road.

Unlike most e-bikes that scream “electric” from a mile away, the CGO600 Pro maintains an undercover identity. You’d hardly believe it’s an e-bike just by its appearance.

Not only lightweight, but oh so stylish. “E-bike” doesn’t have to mean “ugly”, and the CGO600 Pro proves that fully. Chef’s kiss.

And here’s the kicker – the net weight of the CGO600 Pro, without any fancy accessories, is a mere 35.2 lbs. Maneuvering through crowded streets becomes a breeze, making every commute through the urban landscape an absolute pleasure.

Motor: A Quiet Riot

The CGO600 Pro’s clutched hub motor is the unsung hero of this story, minimizing friction even when the power takes a coffee break.

Picture this – a patented built-in clutch that offers a whopping 50 percent more gliding distance than the average e-bike. Now, that’s what we call a smooth operator.

Speaking of smooth, the 350W motor is the supervisor of the tranquility department. It’s so quiet while riding that the CGO600 Pro feels less like an electric bike and more like your trusty old conventional bike got an upgrade – a whisper-quiet companion giving you a helpful push whenever needed.

Once again, efficiency takes center stage with its magnetic torque sensor motor, ensuring you get the power precisely when you need it and sparing it when you don’t, and providing approximately 30 percent more energy savings over competitor’s cadence sensor models.

Display and Controller: Password-Protected Minimalism

The LCD display and controller of the CGO600 Pro are the epitome of minimalism and perfectly match the bike’s sleek looks. Despite its small size, the display is a powerhouse of information, showcasing three levels of PAS, an odometer, a speedometer, and the all-important charge level.

Crafted by mimicking thousands of city scenarios and rigorously tested through 20,000 rides and stops, the control algorithm promises the most intuitive riding experience.

CGO600 thy name is minimalism, and we’re here for it. The ultra-minimal controller does everything the other do, but with far fewer buttons. The password protection is a nice feature too!

Want to illuminate your path? Hold down the PAS Up button, and the waterproof headlight springs to life.

Security takes a surprising twist with something we haven’t seen before – this e-bike is password-protected! A sweet little extra layer of protection for your commuting companion.

Protip: For those who love to keep track of their adventures, the TENWAYS app is the perfect sidekick. Connect your bike, and watch your mileage count soar!

Battery: Light and Mighty

We’re not talking bulky and burdensome here – the portable battery of the CGO600 Pro weighs a mere 5.5 lbs, making the idea of carrying it with you a realistic option. Compare that with other detachable batteries that can tip the scales at 10-20 lbs – not exactly backpack-friendly, you dig?

Need to know how much juice you have left ofr you commute? No problem, the LED indicator on the lightweight Li-ion battery shows you with a touch of a button. Unlock the battery and take it with you for extra security.

Tenways takes a different route and prioritizes power efficiency. The result? A bike that boasts an impressive range without the need for a Herculean battery. Efficiency is the name of the game, and the CGO600 Pro plays it like a boss.

The all-new portable battery, courtesy of LG, is seamlessly integrated into the frame and packs a punch with 360Wh of power, which provides an assisted range of up to 52.8 miles.

And here’s a cherry on top – if the battery taps out, there’s no need to cry about it. The CGO600 Pro is so light that you can pedal it like a regular bike and make it through, unburdened by the added weight that usually drags down other e-bikes.

Drivetrain: Zero Fuss, All Fun

The CGO600 Pro’s Gates Carbon Belt drivetrain is a game-changer that’s practically maintenance-free. No more stressing about oily fingers or dropped chains – this drivetrain sets you free.

Who needs gears when you have the CDX carbon belt and a solid rear hub motor? Nobody, that’s who. We love the simplicity of the CGO600 Pro. Simple, yet so effective.

And talk about durability – the Gates Carbon Belt drivetrain guarantees a whopping 18,641 miles of worry-free riding. That’s not a typo; it’s the real deal.

No need to think about water, mud, or dirt ruining your ride because, with this drivetrain, if it gets dirty, just grab a hose, spray it, and let it dry. It’s that easy – no need for ridiculous cleaning rituals – just pure simplicity.

Brace yourself for noise-free rides with a solid gear ratio as a rock, giving you the feel of a real city single-speed bike.

The CGO600 Pro’s drivetrain isn’t just another newfangled contraption; it’s a promise of maintenance-free bliss, durability that goes the extra mile, and a ride so smooth it’s almost therapeutic, leaving one of those goofy-looking grins plastered on your mug.

Brakes: Hydraulic Halters

The CGO600 Pro is equipped with Tektro hydraulic brakes, which bring this agile machine to a halt on a dime. With its feather-light frame, you might think you don’t need this level of super-human stopping power, but rest assured, these brakes have your back, promising a safe and swift stop every time.

Hydraulic Tektro brakes means you’re going to stop, no question about it.

Here’s a nugget of wisdom for you: we all appreciate name-brand components, especially when it comes to brakes. It means your local mechanic can work their magic when the inevitable happens. Whether it’s replacing pads or fixing other brake parts, it’s not just about stopping power; it’s about assuring your brakes are backed by a reputable brand and a local mechanic’s expertise.

Wheels and Tires: Grip, Roll, and Reflect

The tires on the CGO600 Pro strike a perfect balance between grip and roll to navigate the streets with ease as a reflective stripe on the sides adds a touch of safety to your commute, ensuring you’re visible, especially during those night rides.

Keep the elements on the road where they belong with the aluminum full-coverage fenders. The reflective sidewalls mean you’ll be seen from any angle.

Although this bike is built with urban travel in mind, the tire treads play nice with smooth roads and sand or dirt patches, providing stability without sacrificing a flat roll.

Tenways CGO600 Pro: Hill Climb Test

The hill climb test was performed with a 200 lb rider. Reality check – tackling that hill at 0 PAS? Didn’t happen. The first attempt resulted in a DNF (did not finish).

Don’t expect a speed demon on the incline – thanks to the torque sensor, the CGO600 Pro gives you the power precisely when needed. Unlike cadence sensor motors, it won’t show massive speed variations between PAS levels; instead, it’s about strategic power delivery.

Those hills we tested on were a real struggle. While the CGO600 Pro holds its own on most slopes, the steeper ones pose a real problem. Therefore, a geared hub mechanism could be the secret sauce for conquering those steep ascents. It’s a bike that excels on the hills, but a geared hub could make it unstoppable, especially when the terrain gets tough.

Attempt #Pedal Assist LevelAvg. Speed (mph)

Tenways CGO600 Pro: Braking Test

With the CGO600 Pro, going downhill is a confident delight, and the braking test proved it. Despite skipping the standard braking test due to our location, we pushed the brakes to the edge on our hill test, hurtling downhill at a heart-pounding 30+ mph.

The result? Flawless. No hair-raising moments, just confidence-inspiring stops that speak volumes about the reliability of these brakes.

The lightweight frame doesn’t demand heavy-duty brakes, but boy, are they reassuring when you need to come to a screeching halt. This is the kind of control you’d expect from a bike twice its weight.

Final Thoughts on the CGO600 Pro

The Tenways CGO600 Pro has no problems proving itself to be a sleek, efficient, and reliable companion for everyday adventures or commutes. From an assembly process smoother than elevator-jazz to components that make frequent maintenance a distant memory, this e-bike offers a well-rounded package.

While the hill climb test showcased a thirst for a bit more oomph on steeper slopes, the overall performance, especially in braking, is impressive. The CGO600 Pro is a statement that commuting can be cool, effortless, and oh-so-smooth.

So, are you ready to roll with Tenways? The CGO600 Pro certainly thinks so, and it’s itching to get under your feet.

Reasons to Buy the CGO600 Pro

If you’re on the brink of deciding whether to welcome the Tenways CGO600 Pro into your two-wheeled family, consider this your friendly nudge in the right direction. First off, this e-bike is featherlight yet sturdy, thanks to its aerospace aluminum frame.

Add the whisper-quiet 350W clutched hub motor, and you’ve got a ride that feels less like an e-bike and more like your trusty old bicycle with a boost on demand.

Enjoy maintenance-free adventures with the Gates Carbon Belt drivetrain, promising an impressive 18,641 miles of worry-free cycling, while precision meets performance with its brawny hydraulic brakes that deliver flawless stops even on the most challenging descents.

For a perfect blend of style, functionality, and affordability, the CGO600 Pro beckons you.

Things to Consider

While the Tenways CGO600 Pro boasts an impressive repertoire of features, it’s important to consider its limitations, which may not perfectly align with every rider’s expectations.

  • If you’re seeking a powerhouse with endless torque and muscle, this bike isn’t your speed. The CGO600 Pro thrives in smooth, efficient rides, excelling in the realm of commuting rather than high-speed thrills.
  • The CGO600 Pro operates with a focus on pedal assist, emphasizing an intuitive riding experience rather than relying solely on a motor.
  • Climbing steep hills may pose a challenge, although it performs reasonably well on moderate inclines.

Specs & Components

Max load
264 lbs.
Frame material
6061 Aerospace Aluminium
Avocado Green/ Pebble Gray/ Midnight Black/ Sky Blue
36V 10Ah portable battery (LG)
Magnetic torque sensor
(EU version) 250W 40Nm hub motor (US version), 350W 40Nm hub motor
Gates CDX Carbon Belt
Tektro Hydraulic disc brakes
CST 700*40C puncture-proof tires
Frame sizes

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



With a robust 4-star power rating, the Tenways CGO600 Pro doesn’t aim for break-neck speed and power but offers a perfect balance of strength and finesse. This e-bike champions efficient power delivery, ditching the overjuiced motor and bulky battery approach.

While it might not be a bucking bronco, the CGO600 Pro ensures you have more than enough power for a smooth, controlled, and confident ride through urban landscapes. It’s not about brute force; it’s about the right kind of power at the right time.


Scoring an impressive 4.5 stars for range, the Tenways CGO600 Pro proves you can go the distance without lugging around a massive battery. Offering a commuter-friendly 53 miles, this e-bike understands the importance of efficiency.

What’s more, if the battery taps out, there’s no need to panic – the CGO600 Pro is so light that pedaling it like a regular bike becomes a feasible option. It’s a smart design that keeps you moving even when the power takes a break.


Get ready to ride in the lap of comfort with the Tenways CGO600 Pro. Why? Because this bike is all about you. Adjust the handlebar stem to find your sweet spot – whether you prefer an upright cruise or a more daring ride.

The magic doesn’t stop there; the belt drive, torque sensor, and smooth-rolling wheels team up to deliver a ride so comfortable that you’ll forget you’re commuting. It’s not just about getting from A to B; it’s about doing it in style and comfort.


Earning a stellar 5-star durability rating, the Tenways CGO600 Pro proves its mettle with a belt drive that spells low-maintenance brilliance. Belt drives, renowned for their durability, require minimal upkeep, and the CGO600 Pro lives up to this reputation. Tested rigorously by seasoned cross-country bike packers, this bike can easily handle the toughest conditions. It’s not just a ride; it’s a durable companion that laughs in the face of wear and tear.


The Tenways CGO600 Pro locks in the 5-star style rating, and for good reason. With a palette of cool colors to choose from and a sleek modern design, this e-bike owns the streets with style. The CGO600 Pro manages the rare feat of being a head-turner while discreetly concealing its e-bike identity. A total fashion statement for the urban commuter.

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