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Overview of Cowboy E-Bikes

Founded in 2017 by three ex-restaurant delivery business entrepreneurs, Cowboy makes city e-bikes that are extremely stylish and technologically advanced.

The Belgium-based e-bike startup sells only two electric bikes at present — the Cowboy C4 and Cowboy C4 ST. These are the latest iterations of the company’s journey toward making the perfect electric city bike.

With a strong European base, Cowboy has recently moved into the U.S. market, selling its electric bikes online only. It has brick-and-mortar showrooms in Berlin, Brussels, and Paris but has yet to make an announcement about such plans for North America.

Its immediate rivals in this segment are VanMoof which makes very similar, high-tech electric bikes that both look extremely good and are technologically advanced.

Our Review of Cowboy E-Bikes

Cowboy offers e-bikes with belt drives, which we love. Belt-drive e-bikes are the next frontier in the electric bike world, with minimal physical maintenance and maximum uptime.

We love the fact that Cowboy has been certified as a B Corp, a group of companies around the world committed to the highest environmental and social responsibility standards. It operates a circular economy where old parts are recycled while minimizing energy use and has a thriving community of users who support one another and Cowboy itself.

As part of its commitment to customer service and the community of riders it serves, Cowboy offers a two-year warranty and in-house repair scheme for all of its e-bikes. Service charges include no hidden fees and are transparent from end to end. Many of the issues can be resolved online with software updates.

For those who want an electric bike where city riding is in its very DNA, you should seriously consider a Cowboy e-bike.

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Cowboy Reviews

Cowboy 4 ST
City, Commuter, Road
43.5 mi
Rear Hub

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