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Brand Overview

As US e-bike brands go, Denago is considered one of the new kids on the block. Launched in 2022, it has great DNA from its leadership team, who have worked with brands like Aventon and Schwinn in previous roles.

Denago’s first e-bike was the Commuter 1, an affordable Class 3 e-bike with a decent-sized battery and a 500W motor that is very competitive with other e-bikes in this price band. Denago rapidly launched a range of other electric bikes that sit in the $1500-$2000 price band, including a fat tire road bike and an upright, city electric bike.

Designed in Texas and made in East Asia, these electric bikes are great looking, comfortable, and reliable. Many have torque sensors that make for a quick response from their motor systems when you use pedal assist. Although made with relatively affordable components, they are reliable and well-built machines.

Our Two Cents on Denago

Thanks to the senior leadership team’s experience in traditional and electric bikes, they know the critical elements that can make or break an e-bike brand. Core to this is their customer service and aftersales relationships with customers. You can expect a quick response should your Denago e-bike develop a fault.

Another unique selling point of Denago is that all its e-bikes come with rapid chargers as standard. Even a 600+ Watt hour battery should charge within 3-4 hours, half that of many other brands in this space. That can allow a quick top-up while you’re at work and a longer commuting range for those planning to ditch their cars to get to work.

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Denago Reviews

Denago Cruiser Model 1 Top-Tube
Beach Cruiser, City, Commuter
53 mi
Rear Hub

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