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25 mi


20 mph


3 hrs


55 lbs


Rear Hub


Denago Cruiser Model 1 Top-Tube Review: Takeaway

Ideal for lighter e-bike use such as heading out with friends down a boardwalk on a social event or to get shopping done, the Cruiser Model 1 is an affordable and comfortable electric bike.

Its smaller motor and battery limit where and how far you can go. The fast charger can extend your range considerably, and with 55 Nm of torque, the motor will handle mid-sized hills well.

We like the looks of this e-bike too. It has great lines and a stylish look that, along with the color scheme, make up for some of the technical limitations. Probably best suited for those who don’t plan to use it for high mileage riding, it is nonetheless one that looks good as you do it.

Ideal for...

Beach Cruising
Pub Crawls
Light Utility Riding
Cafe Hopping
Visiting Friends in the Neighborhood

Product Overview

At a very affordable $1,099, the Cruiser Model 1 is still a great little e-bike that will handle most of the tasks you might do on a utility e-bike. It’s an eye-catcher thanks to its stylish curves and great proportions. It’s just the bike to be seen on as you head from point A to point B.

It has a 350W rear hub motor that can kick out as much as 55 Newton meters of torque, making those hills a breeze.

One of the big selling points of Denago’s e-bikes is that they all come with 3 amp fast chargers that allow you to charge the battery quickly. In the case of the 396 Wh battery on the Cruiser Model 1, this could mean a full charge in just three hours. This more than makes up for the relatively low range of the battery, which might do 25 miles in typical riding conditions.

The battery is integrated into the frame, putting the center of gravity nice and low. In turn, this gives a very natural riding feel. This riding feel is only held back through the cadence sensor, which can provide a slight lag between you pushing the pedal and delivering the power from the motor.

The Cruiser Model 1 also has a throttle. Using it will more than halve your range on the battery but when it comes to exertion-free riding, it’s a great feature!

Reasons to Buy

Not everyone can afford or even wants a $5,000 electric bike. At almost a fifth of that price and well within the spectrum of affordable e-bikes, the Denago Cruiser Model 1 is a quality, affordable, and comfortable e-bike to ride.

Thanks to the frictionless rear hub motor, you can ride it without power like a traditional bike. That can considerably extend your range (almost infinitely!) without the drag offered by mid-drive motors.

We love the curves and color scheme of this machine. You may well choose it just because it has a certain look. Its curved top tubes and swept handlebars make it look like a classic beach cruiser, while the downtube battery compartment sits well within the design vernacular of this machine. Beautiful from end to end, it is definitely one you’ll love to be seen riding.

Things to Consider

Range is the first item to consider with the Cruiser Model 1. Though you can’t expect miracles at the price point, you might only get 20 miles per charge. You may also want to consider the power of the 350W motor, just 55 Nm. That sits well in the mid-range of power outputs for e-bike motors. With the battery limitations, the Cruiser Model 1 is definitely not for use in a hilly city like Portland, OR or San Francisco, CA. A flatter city like Chicago or San Diego might be just the perfect home for this e-bike.


Shengyi rear hub, 350W
In-tube, 396 Wh
Power Delivery
PAS (cadence sensor), twist throttle

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



The 350W Shengyi rear hub motor offers a relatively moderate 55 Nm of torque. Speed is limited to a Class 2 maximum of 20 mph; this is no speed machine. That said, the torque is adequate for all but the hilliest cities and 20 mph is considered a safe speed for mixed-use paths.


Range may also be a limitation with this particular e-bike. The small, 396 Wh battery will offer a maximum realistic range of 20-25 miles, less if you use the throttle frequently. However, the rear hub motor provides less friction than a mid-drive motor when you pedal without power. For a longer day in the saddle, even if you don’t use the fast charger for top ups, you could get a lot of miles in.


You will be sat in an upright, city-bike position when you ride the bike. But, keep in mind that you may have minimal discomfort on your upper body. Luckily, its 2.3” cruiser tires on 27.5” wheels will absorb many of the lumps and bumps in the road. Finally, at 55 lbs this is not a heavy e-bike, adding to the comfort of riding and perhaps carrying up steps or putting into the back of your car.


Denago offers a two-year warranty on all their e-bike frames and a one-year warranty on the components. This sits at the lower end as e-bike brands go. However, the components are of relatively high quality. The Shimano Tourney drivetrain is tried and tested, and the motor is a sealed unit, so it shouldn’t cause any problems.


The curves of the frame and color schemes offered more than make up for any shortfalls of the machine. We love its classic looks! The in-tube battery is well hidden, so it doesn’t scream ‘e-bike’ when you first look at it. The great proportions and comfortable riding style make the Cruiser Model 1 a winner as low-priced e-bikes go.

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