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Blix Dubbel Review

bllix dubbel nu cream
Robb Dorr,
bllix dubbel nu cream
Ashley Reid,
Managing Editor
Images from manufacturer's website

70 mi


20 mph


7 hrs


70 lbs


Rear Hub


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Ideal for...

  • Replacing Your Car: The dual-battery Dubbel allows riders to reach up to 80 miles on a single charge, making it perfect for all-day errands or long commutes.
  • Riding Tandem: With padded seats, safety hoops, and even two places to mount folding footpegs, the Dubbel is perfect for carrying passengers.
  • Local Deliveries: Tons of available racks, baskets, and bags make the Dubbel an ideal electric delivery vehicle.

Blix Dubbel Review Overview

Blix has designed the Dubbel to transform from a versatile compact cargo carrier to a two-person adventure bike in a matter of minutes. It also offers single and dual battery options, allowing riders to extend the range up to a claimed 80 miles.

Not only is the Dubbel highly practical, but it also comes in at an affordable $2,500 for the dual-battery option. As of March 2024, Blix is offering a $600 discount, plus free foldable footpegs, a padded passenger seat, a front basket, and a weatherproof frame bag. That value is enough to make you do a ‘Dubbel’ take.

Even with a length much shorter than that of a full-size cargo e-bike, the Dubbel’s compact size doesn’t limit its capability. It can carry up to 150 lbs on its rear rack and up to 50 lbs on the front. That’s the same payload capacity as most full-size cargo e-bikes but at almost half the size. And that means extra room in the garage for more bikes!

Under the Dubbel’s hood lies plenty of horsepower. Its rear hub motor produces 90 Nm of torque and 750 W nominally — 1,350 W peak. You won’t get stuck pushing your rig up hills with that much power at your disposal.

What We Like

check icon
Compact design that won’t take up your whole garage
check icon
750 W (1,350 W peak) motor puts out 90 Nm of torque to crush hills and haul heavy cargo
check icon
Lots of space with the BMX-style riser handlebars to mount a phone or handlebar bag
check icon
Limitless seating configurations with multiple mounting points for folding footpegs
check icon
Connect via Bluetooth to track your rides, get GPS directions, and manage firmware updates
check icon
microSHIFT shifter, derailleur, and 8-speed 11-32 t cassette for optimal shifting at a low cost

What We Don't Like

con icon
Two batteries require longer charge times or a second charger
con icon
Missing a front suspension fork to soften the ride
con icon
Right side of the handlebars is crowded

Specs: Weight & Dimensions

70 lbs
Battery weight
8 lbs
Rider height range
Max. rider weight
250 lbs
Max. cargo weight
150 lbs

Specs: Electrical

Front Battery: 641.9 Wh; Rear Battery: 641.9 Wh
Charge time
7 hrs
Rear Hub
Motor sensor
Cadence Sensor
90 Nm

Shipping and Assembly

Blix can send you the Dubbel in one of two ways: shipping it to a local bike shop for professional assembly or shipping it directly to your door. You can select either option during checkout on Blix’s website.

If you’re not comfortable assembling a bike, I would recommend Blix’s shipping and assembly option as a surefire way to guarantee your new electric bike is correctly assembled and functions properly. Blix takes care of finding the bike shop for you. Just enter your address during checkout.

Blix offers direct shipping for any assembly-savvy consumers in the continental United States. And the best part is the free shipping. Who doesn’t love free shipping?

I opted for the home delivery option and found that putting the Dubbel together wasn’t too hard. However, mounting the extra parts and accessories like the fenders, footpegs, and frame bag took me a little longer than most bikes.

Apps and Connectivity

Upon setting up my test Dubbel, I downloaded the Bix app and created a login. I registered the bike and even gave it the name “Stunt”… Stunt Dubbel… get it? OK, moving on. The app allows you to register multiple Blix e-bikes so you can track your entire stable of utility e-bikes.

The Blix app offers some handy — yet optional — features like route navigation and battery health tracking. Plus, the Dubbel’s handlebar crossbar is the perfect place to mount your phone for easy visibility and navigation while focusing on the road ahead of you.

Riders looking for more speed can use the app to change the Dubbel’s speed governor from 20 mph to 28 mph. Just keep in mind that this change takes the Dubbel out of class because the throttle remains active. Check with your state and local regulations before doing this.

Maintaining your e-bike’s physical parts is just as important as keeping its electronics up-to-date. That’s why the Blix app provides firmware updates and customer support right in the palm of your hand. The support team is just a click away if you have an issue.

How the Blix Dubbel Performed

Let me put it simply: The Dubbel packs a ton of versatility into a small package. It offers the same cargo and passenger hauling capacity as larger cargo e-bikes but in a more compact build.

bllix dubbel against brick wall
The Dubbel’s rear rack can accommodate two pannier bags and up to 150 lbs of cargo — or another human.

However, due to its short wheelbase and smaller 20” tires, I did feel the bumps in the road a great deal while riding. As a bike designed to be ridden in the city, I would love to see a front suspension to help soften the ride. It doesn’t need to be a lot, but 50-60 mm of travel would do the trick, I imagine.

Other than some rough spots here and there, the Dubbel is a blast to ride. Thanks to the high-quality microSHIFT components, shifting is effortless.

bllix dubbel microSHIFT cassette
microSHIFT for the win here. This low-cost, high-performance feature keeps the gears shifting like butter.

While microSHIFT is a lesser-known brand, it’s a solid low-cost option that works just as well as the top brands that I’ve tested. The microSHIFT26 trigger shifter smoothly moves the chain up and down the 8-speed cassette on the back. I was pleasantly surprised to see Blix went with microSHIFT here.

The Frame

The step-through frame and dual-leg kickstand work in tandem to facilitate mounting and dismounting, especially for riders with mobility restrictions or a passenger on the back. Not only does this setup keep the bike’s weight off the rider while getting on or off, but it also provides ample space for you to step through — not over — to mount and dismount.

bllix dubbel against metal gate
The Dubbel’s sloping downtube allows for easy mounting and dismounting. The dual-leg kickstand also helps keep the weight of the bike and cargo off the rider.

The Dubbel’s 6061 aluminum alloy frame comes in one size, fitting riders from 5’0” to 6’2”. Honestly, I felt a little big for the frame. At 6’2”, I was pushing the upper limits of rider height. That said, I saw a review on Blix’s site from a Dubbel owner who was 6’4” and loved the fit, so if you’re tall, don’t worry. Fit can be a subjective thing.

The Motor

The unbranded rear hub motor worked really well. Like most 750 W motors, I heard a hum while riding, but it wasn’t as loud as some motors I’ve tested. The low noise level was about what I expected.

What I didn’t expect, though, was the instantaneous power I got when the motor started. I didn’t feel a jolt or kick, nor a lag in response — just instant power when I needed it, likely due to the motor’s peak 1350 W of power and 90 Nm of torque. This much horsepower let me climb hills and zip down streets with ease.

The Batteries

Blix sells the Dubbel with one or two batteries. And let me tell you, having two batteries is a plus. The extra range you get from that bonus battery removes that nagging worry about how much charge you have left. I found myself just riding and not stressing about it. I even tested the Dubbel’s range with only one battery, and in my opinion, the dual battery is the way to go — especially for the price.

bllix dubbel batteries
The Dubbel’s front and rear batteries weigh just under 8 lbs each. They are different sizes but have the same watt-hours: 641.9 Wh.

The primary battery nests cleanly into the underside of the down tube and blends into the shape of the Dubbel, only visible because of its black exterior. The battery snaps securely into place until a turn of a key and a flip of the latch releases it. This system ensures the battery won’t fall out on you mid-ride and helps prevent thefts.

The secondary battery is a different shape than the primary and sits behind the seatpost. It, too, locks into place with a turn of a key. Remember, though, to securely lock in your rear battery.

bllix dubbel rear battery
The rear battery sits behind the seatpost and locks into place with a key. Just make sure you lock it securely! I didn’t, and I almost lost it on the road.

In my haste to start my test ride, I forgot to lock the second battery in place. It dislodged after hitting a large bump in the road, and I had to pull over quickly to fix it. An ideal locking mechanism might be one that automatically locks the battery when attached and requires a key for removal. Maybe in the next version!

The Handlebars

It’s obvious to me now that BMX-style risers belong on a utility cargo e-bike. The mini BMX riser provides the rider with a crossbar clear of clutter and controls, giving them space to mount things like a handlebar bag, a phone, a bike computer, or even a cup holder. Who knows?

The added height of the risers put me in a more casual riding position, taking pressure off my hands. Even though the crossbar was wide open, the area around the right grip was crowded with components. The brake lever, shifter, and bell all sat in a tight space. Ultimately, I ended up flipping the bell upside down so I could more easily reach its trigger.

The cramped space around the handlebar grip is a minor quibble but something I feel needs to be noted. A couple of upgrade ideas include brake levers with an integrated bell or maybe an electric horn. I like the horn idea since this e-bike is made for city riding, and cars likely won’t notice a bell.

The Wheels and Fenders

Blix made another solid design choice with the Kenda K-Rad 20”x3.3” tires. These fat tires have a decent grip to them and confidently held me to the pavement as I ripped through the downtown streets. The tread on these tires wasn’t so knobby that it increased rolling resistance, but it had enough bite to get me through the occasional dirt and debris in the bike lane.

bllix dubbel front wheel

While I didn’t need the included aluminum fenders due to the lack of rain lately, it’s reassuring to know that they will keep me clean and dry when I’m out riding. I can’t stress enough how bad a mud stripe up your back looks when you walk into the office or corner store.

Cargo Capacity

The Dubbel’s stand-out feature is its crazy cargo configurations. (Say that three times fast!) Let me show you a couple of them.

The More, the Merrier
For people wanting to add a friend to the fun, the Dubbel’s rear rack can hold up to 150 lbs and offers the perfect seat for a child or small adult. Foldable footpegs can be mounted to the frame at two different heights, accommodating the kids’ or adults’ leg length.

Blix offers a seat cushion that straps to the rear rack and a safety hoop that gives your younger passengers something to grab. For the adults, a simple, friendly hug around the driver’s waist is enough to feel safe.

The mesh side nets are another stroke of genius, keeping the passenger’s feet out of harm’s way while also saving weight. They are lightweight yet durable, and you can remove them by simply undoing a few velcro straps. Tada!

Car Replacement
Not looking to double up with a passenger? Cool. I get it. The Dubbel might still work for you since it can carry more than its weight as a cargo e-bike. When the rear rack isn’t acting as a seat, it can carry any equipment, groceries, or deliveries. I tried it out and attached my pannier camera bag to the side rails. I fit one bag per side, which is plenty for me.

Need a little more rack space? Here are just a few of the accessories Blix offers to outfit the Dubbel:

  • Front Rack
    The hefty flat rack is perfect for strapping down just about anything up to 50 lbs and mounts directly to the frame.
  • Rear Platform
    This wide platform mounts to the integrated rear rack and converts the Dubbel into a delivery vehicle for large packages.
  • Dubbel Frame Bag
    This weatherproof container mounts with eight bolts to the step-through part of the frame. Inside the frame bag, you’ll find a place to insert an AirTag and a pocket for your phone.

Even the rigid front fork has mounting points for gear racks or bottle cages. The possibilities are limitless, allowing you to customize the Dubbel to fit your needs.

bllix dubbel frame
Eight bolts mount the frame bag to the Dubbel — it’s not going anywhere. If you don’t use the frame bag, you could mount four bottle cages… if you’re that thirsty.

Performance: Hill Climb Test

I was originally worried that the Dubbel’s dual-battery setup would be too heavy to climb my usual testing hill. I weigh about 205 lbs and was carrying approximately 20 lbs in camera gear, so an additional 8 lbs for a second battery was concerning.

However, there was no need for me to stress. The Dubbel’s rear hub motor produces a nominal output of 750 W (peak of 1350 W) and an impressive 90 Nm of torque. All that technical jargon means there’s a ton of horsepower when necessary.

Let’s take a closer look at the numbers. The data below shows that climbing with the Dubbel will be tough without some assistance from the motor. I eeked out a slow 6.3 mph average without pedal assist.

The slow speed while climbing is due, in part, to the riding position resembling more of a classic Dutch style. This relaxed position with the taller handlebars didn’t allow me to aggressively dig out tough parts of the hill. But that’s why this is an electric bike with a throttle, right?

In the chart below, you can see that my average speed went up considerably once I hit pedal assist (PA) level 2, and I even used some lighter gears in the cassette as I hit PA level 3. PA levels 4 and 5 had me zipping up the hill with ease and feeling no burn in my legs at all.

While using throttle on hill climbs is a good way to drain a battery, I did test it out. As you can see, it gave me about the same result as pedaling in PA level 3.

Attempt #PAS LevelAvg. Speed
106.3 mph
217.7 mph
3210.2 mph
4312.5 mph
5414.4 mph
6515.7 mph
7Throttle13.7 mph
Tester: Robb: 6’2”, 205 lbs. The hill I tested on was 0.1 mi long with an altitude gain of 42’ and an average grade of 4.9%.

Performance: Brake Test

Electric bikes with great carrying capacity require brakes with great stopping power — and the Dubbel has just that. I love seeing these ZOOM hydraulic brakes because that means not only are they going to give you the control and stopping confidence you need, but your local bike mechanic can also replace the pads and parts when the time comes.

bllix dubbel front brake
The 180 mm rotors and hydraulic brakes keep you in control at all times and provide plenty of stopping power at your fingertips.

The Dubbel had a longer stopping distance than most e-bikes I’ve tested. However, I feel it was partly due to the 230 lbs of payload it was carrying between rider and cargo. At a top speed of 20 mph, I was able to come to a complete stop in an average of 31.5 ft.

On the repeated descents of the hill test, the brakes consistently reined in the Dubbel’s speed and kept me in control. My last attempt simulated an emergency stop where I mashed the brake levers and skidded to a stop. Even during that test, I felt completely in control, and the brakes did their job.

Attempt #Stopping Distance
139 ft
233 ft
322.5 ft
Tester: Robb: 6’2”, 205 lbs. Carrying 20 lbs of camera gear, I got the Dubbel up to 20 mph before applying the brakes.

Performance: Range Test

Range performance is tricky to test because it depends on various factors. Ambient temperature, riding style, and terrain all impact range, as do the rider’s weight and the cargo loaded on the racks.

Based on my test ride on the Dubbel, it’s safe to say that 80 miles will be the max in ideal conditions with little to no cargo and conservative throttle use. After performing multiple hill climbs, completing several brake tests, and riding 25 miles through the city, the dual batteries dropped 36%. I can estimate a realistic range of 70 miles, which is respectable but still shy of the claimed 80 miles.

This left me wondering how much range I could get from a single battery. I took to the roads again to get the answer.

After 12 miles on city roads using only the primary battery, the charge dropped 35%, leaving me with an overall estimated range of 34 miles. While not an impressive distance, 34 miles is still a decent amount of city riding and probably more than you need if you’re charging your battery every night.

Things to Consider

The dual-battery option for the Blix Dubbel is a great way to get extra range, but you will need to buy a second charger if you want to charge both batteries at the same time. Otherwise, you must charge them separately, and with a 7-hour charge time, that’s 14 hours until full.

While the Dubbel is designed to carry two adults, I found the rear seat to be a tight fit for bigger passengers. If you plan on riding regularly with adult passengers, consider Blix’s Packa, a long-tail utility e-bike that might be a more comfortable fit for two adults.

Lastly, I wish there was a front suspension on the Dubbel because the rough roads in my area bucked me around a bit. The compact geometry of the Dubbel means a shorter wheelbase, which can make you feel rough terrain more. Thankfully, because of Dubbel’s fat tires, you have the luxury of letting some air out of the tires, but then range and maneuverability take a hit.

Blix Dubbel Review: Takeaway

All in all, the Dubbel is a zippy and compact utility e-bike perfect for long-distance commuting, errand runs, or fun adventures with the family. It offers incredible value at $2,500 for the dual-battery option ($2,099 for the single-battery option). Plus, Blix often runs sales and includes complementary accessories that instantly transform the Dubbel into a do-anything electric bike.

I recommend the Dubbel to anyone looking for an electric delivery vehicle because it has a ton of cargo space and a realistic 70-mile range. It’s also a great low-cost option to share the joy of riding with your kids. The Dubbel’s compact size even works for people with limited storage space but who still want a large-capacity cargo e-bike.

At this price point, it’s hard to find an equal to the Dubbel. It’s not only versatile and practical but very stylish. A tip of the hat to the Blix product designers.

Specs & Components

Peak Motor Wattage
1350 W
Blix brand display; Bluetooth enabled
Unknown brand (80 LUX)
Sate-Lite M8
48V, 2A
20"x3.3" Kenda K-Rad
ZOOM hydraulic disc brakes; 180 mm rotors
microSHIFT26 8-speed shifter
microSHIFT 8-speed; 11-32 t
46 t
Crank arm length
170 mm

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



I have nothing negative to say about the Dubbel’s power. In fact, I was surprised by how much zip it had on demand. The rear motor has a 1,350 W peak output and can produce 90 Nm of torque, so there’s no shortage of power. Anything more would kill the range and probably be unwieldy for some riders.


For me, there’s only one option: the Dubbel with the dual-battery setup. I got an estimated 70 miles of range from the two batteries, short of the claimed 80, but still, plenty of juice to get me around all day and then some. The realistic 70-mile range is good but not super impressive for two batteries.


The Dubbel can accommodate riders up to 6’2” — maybe a little taller, depending on their build. The casual Dutch riding style of the Dubbel allows riders to sit back and take in the sights. The step-through frame design makes mounting and dismounting a breeze and is ideal for those with mobility restrictions.

I did find that the shorter wheelbase made me feel the bumps in the road. If Blix added a front suspension fork to the Dubbel, I’d probably rate it a 5.


Blix does an amazing job building its e-bikes. The construction quality is great and incorporates quality, low-cost components like microSHIFT to keep the retail price lower.

The Dubbel is sturdy and rugged without being bulky and too heavy — unlike other e-bikes in this utility category.


It’s not the sleekest electric bike out there, but it looks good! The matte finish on the frame is smooth to the touch, and the Nu Cream looked… chef’s kiss! In this colorway, the Dubbel has such a rugged off-roader jeep vibe.

The stout 3.3” tires paired with the mesh netting of the rear wheel guards added even more to the rugged appearance. Overall, this is a nice-looking electric utility bike.

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