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QuietKat Lynx Review

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quietkat lynx
Robb Dorr,
quietkat lynx
Taylor Moon,
Managing Editor
Images from manufacturer's website

35 mi


28 mph


6 hrs


100 lbs


Rear Hub


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Ideal for...

  • Urban thrill-seekers: Ideal for short, aggressive commutes, enhanced with the Quick Konnect Lynx Kit
  • High-speed trail enthusiasts: Perfectly suited for gravel trail riding at higher speeds in Unlimited mode
  • Adventure lovers: Practical for those jumps on the trails enhanced with its adjustable dual crown and motocross shocks

QuietKat Lynx Review Overview

Do you prefer riding e-bikes over motorcycles but find yourself drooling whenever you spy on a cafe racer? If that’s you, we’ve found the perfect solution to your little identity crisis.

Meet the QuietKat Lynx, a machine that’s part e-bike, part dirt bike, and entirely a blast.

The Lynx boasts a 1000W (1440W peak) Bafang motor that packs enough punch to make you feel like you’re breaking speed records (even though you’re not, like, not even a little bit). When and if you’re ever ready to slow down, you can rely on the hydraulic disc brakes to stop you safely.

Still want something to drool about (other than the looks of this beast)? Then just peep this suspension! With 203 mm of Motocross shocks in the front, an adjustable coil at the back, and super-cushy 4” fat tires, you’ll find yourself seeking out every bump and pothole in sight, just for the hell of it.

Now listen, nothing is ever 100 percent rainbows and butterflies. The Lynx weighs in at a staggering 100 lbs. Maneuvering this monster through tight quarters can be tricky, especially when trying to park it, due to the dual crown fork hitting the frame. But with the motor’s immense power, controlling the Lynx while riding is easy. And, let’s just say that as far as range is concerned, this is more of a ‘grab a coffee downtown’ than a ‘cross-country road trip’ type of e-bike.

With the QuietKat Lynx, you might not pop any wheelies (even though you’ll look like you should be able to), but you’ll be turning all the heads and feeling like the coolest cat on the block.

What We Like

check icon
VPO technology: Ride legally in classes 1, 2, or 3 and switch to Unlimited mode for 28+ mph (on private land, of course)!
check icon
An absolute thrill to ride: Feels and handles like a dirt bike, perfect for almost any urban adventure.
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Advanced suspension: Customizable 203mm motocross style shocks absorb nearly everything for a buttery-smooth ride.
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Dual-speed Bafang motor: Seamlessly shifts and prevents over-pedaling even at high speeds.

What We Don't Like

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Hefty weight: At 100 lbs, it's a bear to lift and maneuver, especially during assembly or in tight-turning situations.
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Optimistic range claims: Real-world usage gives about 30 miles, not the advertised 60. It may be possible to get that range in Eco mode only, but let’s get real: This bike begs to be ridden hard!
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Limited maneuverability: Dual crown shocks restrict the turning radius, making things a bit tricky in urban settings.

Specs: Weight & Dimensions

100 lbs
Battery weight
12 lbs
Rider height range
5’5” to 6’4” (5’1” to 6’5” claimed)
Max. rider weight
300 lbs
Max. cargo weight
55 lbs

Specs: Electrical

921.6 Wh, Li-ion (960 Wh claimed)
Charge time
6 hrs
Rear Hub
Bafang - Automatic Hub Drive (VPO™)
Motor sensor
Cadence Sensor
83 Nm
Safety certifications
UL 2849 safety certified  More Info

Shipping & Assembly

Receiving and assembling the Lynx can be quite the experience, not unlike the bike itself. QuietKat offers free shipping for U.S. (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) orders over $150, typically dispatching in-stock orders within 2-4 business days. For those beyond the U.S., be prepared for additional duties and fees upon delivery. You also have the option to find an online dealer via QuietKat’s site, which might be a more convenient choice.

If you plan to deliver the Lynx to your doorstep, brace yourself. The bike arrives in a hefty package, and wrestling it out of the box is no small feat — this is a 100-pound machine we’re talking about. The bike and its parts are securely nestled in custom-molded foam, ensuring they arrive in pristine condition.
However, the assembly process can be a bigger project than some amateur mechanics can handle, especially alone.

Putting on the handlebars took a good 30-45 minutes, with a bit of a struggle to align them perfectly for the bolts to catch. The sheer weight of the bike only adds to the challenge, especially if you don’t have a bike rack that can support 100 pounds. Fitting the rear shock was tricky, requiring some legit effort to hold up the bike while aligning and fastening the bolts.

Then there’s the matter of the stanchions on the front shocks, which spin freely. Lining up the thru-axle with the shock openings can test your patience and skill. Overall, while the bike is beautifully packaged and the parts are high quality, the assembly is not for the faint-hearted. We recommend enlisting a knowledgeable friend’s help or, better yet, taking it to a bike shop for professional assembly. This way, you ensure your Lynx is ready to hit the streets (or trails) without any hiccups.

Apps and Connectivity

The QuietKat Lynx isn’t just a fine specimen of a physical powerhouse; it also packs a punch in the connectivity realm with its dedicated QuietKat App. This app offers a whole suite of features that boost the entire riding experience.

You can easily register your e-bike directly on the app, adding a layer of security and personalization. But the real game-changer is the GPS location feature. Whether your Lynx is parked in a busy city, hidden in the woods, or wound up in someone else’s garage, you can track it down. The GPS device, cleverly housed within the headlight, ensures your bike’s location is just a tap away.

To top it all off, the app sends maintenance reminders, helping you keep your Lynx in tip-top shape. The QuietKat site promises more goodies with future updates, including ride tracking, remote lock/unlock capabilities, and other features, all thanks to Bluetooth connectivity. This digital integration offers an unbeatable blend of physical thrills and tech-savvy convenience, making the QuietKat Lynx not just another e-bike but a nerd, level-10 riding companion.

How the Lynx Performed

The QuietKat Lynx is an e-bike that blends urban commuting and off-road adventure. It’s an experience, a statement, and, frankly, a whole lot of fun. Riding this bike feels like straddling the line between the worlds of cycling and motocross, and it’s an absolute thrill.

quietkat lynx head on
The Lynx screams moto from tip to tail, and from wheels to handlebars

The Lynx’s personality made itself known from the moment we started riding. The streets transformed into our personal playground, with every puddle becoming an invitation to splash and every corner a challenge to skid around. The sensation is much like riding a motorcycle or a dirt bike but with pedals. This anomaly does raise an eyebrow – why not just get a dirt bike? But then again, the Lynx isn’t just about speed or power; it’s about the joy of riding with the added benefits of an e-bike.

The bike’s suspension system is nothing short of a marvel. The KKE front and rear shocks, which come pre-calibrated for 180-pound riders, can be adjusted for tension and preload, ensuring a ride that’s as smooth or as responsive as you want. The adjustable lock-out knobs are a handy feature, allowing for a stiffer ride on city streets and a cushier experience on the trails.

quietkat lynx rear suspension
The rear KKE coil over shock comes preset to 180-pound riders but is easily adjustable. Instructions are included.

The Variable Power Output (VPO) technology is a game changer. It allowed us to easily switch between different classes recognized by over 40 states. The bike’s three power modes – Eco, Trail, and Boost – added layers of customization. Riding in Class 1 Eco mode was a struggle, offering minimal assistance, but it was in Class 2 Boost where we had the most fun riding the Lynx. However, the Unlimited setting in Boost mode was where this electric bike really came into its own, giving that extra edge in speed and power that we all crave.

The 1000W (1440W peak) dual-speed automatic Bafang motor is a standout feature. It intelligently shifts when the rider hits 15 mph, preventing the all too common problem of over-pedaling in single-speed e-bikes. This smart feature was greatly appreciated by us, especially when cruising at the bike’s top speed of 28 mph. Even at those higher speeds, it felt like our pedaling was positively impacting the speed of the Lynx.

Maneuvering the Lynx can be a mixed bag. Steering the bike is a joy, as you can confidently lean into turns like you would on a motorcycle. Yet, when it comes to making tight turns or parking it at your local coffee shop, the bike’s bulky 100-pound frame and the dual crown stanchions can make it pretty cumbersome. This is particularly evident in urban settings where agility and tight turning capabilities are necessary.

Riding position is another aspect where the Lynx distinguishes itself. It’s not designed as a fitness e-bike; the riding position is akin to sitting in a comfy chair. This makes for a relaxed ride, but you might find it lacking if you’re looking to get some serious power out of your legs. The throttle comes in handy here, compensating for the less efficient pedaling position.

The Lynx’s handlebars contribute to the motocross feel with a comfortable rise and sweep. The gold metal accents are a nice touch too, adding to the bike’s style. The HALO headlight, with its three modes and handlebar controls, is both functional and stylish, though the plastic housing felt a bit out of place on such a high-quality build.

The wheels and tires are another high point. The 4” wide tires from Vee Tire Co. offer excellent grip, whether cruising on the road at maximum PSI or tackling trails at a lower pressure for better traction.

**Pro Tip: Lower tire pressure can change the steering feel, so getting used to it before pushing the bike to its limits is advisable.

In addition to its impressive features, it’s worth mentioning th QuietKat Lynx’s noteworthy battery system. While there may be a discrepancy in the stated capacity (960Wh claimed vs. 921.6Wh actual), the battery’s performance is commendable. We contacted QuietKat about this, and they informed us they will be updating their website to reflect the actual value of 921.6Wh.

The battery is a bit heavier, weighing around 12 lbs, but it’s removable, adding convenience. Securing the battery back into place can be a bit of a struggle initially due to some resistance when turning the key, but once you get the hang of it, it locks in securely. It feels like the key won’t move further, but with a little extra force, it continues its rotation to secure the battery in the downtube.

As for the saddle, its length is going to be a bonus for taller riders; although the front part of the saddle can make pedaling a bit more strenuous, shifting toward the back offers more comfort. The saddle’s design adds to the bike’s aesthetics and overall riding comfort. Plus, you can throw a passenger on the back if you need to.

The QuietKat Lynx is an e-bike that blurs the lines between different riding styles and caters to all sorts of preferences. The Lynx is at its best when ripping through urban landscapes or cruising on gravel paths, where its combination of power, suspension, and unique design come together to deliver a ride that’s both exhilarating and comfortable. It’s a statement on wheels, offering an unmatched blend of fun, style, and versatility.

Performance: Hill Climbs

Taking the QuietKat Lynx up hills is a unique challenge, largely due to its hefty build and absence of traditional gears. Weighing in at a substantial 100 lbs, the bike demands reliance on the Pedal Assist System (PAS) for climbing. This is where the Lynx’s VPO and its mighty 1000W motor come into play, giving the necessary boost to tackle inclines.

However, the Lynx isn’t the go-to choice for technical climbs. Its design and weight make it more suited for moderate hills rather than steep, Mt. Everest-like ascents. While the motor provides ample power, it’s important to remember that frequent hill climbing will diminish the bike’s range more rapidly than flat terrain riding.

The Lynx’s geometry is also a stand-out feature for hill climbing. It allows for climbing while standing, a technique often needed for tougher hills. But it’s not the most ergonomic approach. The riding position and setup of the Lynx are very different than a standard mountain bike, which can make sustained, intense hill climbs much more taxing.

Attempt #PAS LevelAvg. Speed (mph)
1Class 1, Eco7.5
2Class 1, Trail9.2
3Class 1, Boost10.2
4Unlimited, Eco7.5
5Unlimited, Trail9.9
6Unlimited, Boost11.9
7Throttle only, Eco7.1
8Throttle only, Trail9.5
9Throttle only, Boost12.5
100 – Pedaling only4.0
Test Rider: Robb 6’2″, 200 lbs. The hill climb test was performed on a steep 1/10 of a mile hill gaining 30 ft with an average grade of 8.1 percent.

Performance: Brakes

When it comes to the QuietKat Lynx’s braking performance, one word comes to mind: impressive. The bike is equipped with hydraulic discs and sizable 203 mm rotors, which are crucial for a bike that can easily exceed speeds of 28 mph.

During the test, the power and responsiveness of these brakes were unquestionable. Whether fishtailing for fun on the trails or navigating slick, wet roads, the brakes provided reliable stopping power without fail.

The sheer size of the brakes, paired with the hydraulic mechanism, ensures you’ll have complete control over the bike, regardless of the terrain or speed. This is particularly important given the Lynx’s heavy build and high performance.

quietkat brake test chart
Attempt #Braking Distance
112.4 ft
213.2 ft
310.8 ft
Test rider: Robb – 6’2″, 200 lbs. The brake test was performed on a < 2 percent grade paved surface.

The braking system on the QuietKat Lynx is a standout feature. Whether you’re cruising on city streets or exploring rugged trails, the Lynx’s brakes ensure an enjoyable ride with the assurance of reliable, powerful stopping power at your fingertips. (Mic drop.)

Performance: Range

The range of the QuietKat Lynx is a topic of scrutiny. QuietKat claims a range of 60 miles per charge, but this seems optimistic, especially considering the bike’s performance capabilities and riding styles it encourages. In our experience, riding predominantly in Class 2 or the Unlimited setting in Boost power mode, the Lynx offered around 25 miles on 75 percent battery life, translating to an approximate range of 33-35 miles per charge (depending on how aggressively it’s ridden, of course).

It’s important to note that this figure was achieved with hill climbs and periods of full-throttle riding in the Unlimited mode on trails. These activities will naturally consume more power and thus reduce the overall range. However, the range we observed more closely aligns with typical use, especially in urban commuting scenarios, where the bike’s power and speed capabilities are likely to be used to their fullest.

QuietKat’s portable solar charger is a thoughtful addition, especially for riders looking to go out on multi-day treks or take the bike off-grid. So, while the Lynx’s range might be limited under high-performance use, there are options to extend its usability in its more “daring” modes.

The bike’s performance-focused design and settings contribute to a reduced range, but the trade-off for such an exciting riding experience is well worth it for many riders.

Things to Consider

While the QuietKat Lynx is an awesome ride, a few points might give you pause. One of the biggest things is its weight. At 100 lbs, the Lynx is a very heavy e-bike. This could make transport a real hassle, especially when you’re in tight spaces or need to carry the bike upstairs or lift for any reason.

Another point to consider is the bike’s range. While the Lynx is great for short trips and in-town adventures, its range is somewhat limited compared to what’s claimed, particularly when ridden in higher-power settings. This could be a drawback if you’re looking for an e-bike for longer commutes or extensive trail riding.

Lastly, the bike’s maneuverability while parking or navigating through crowded areas might not be as nimble as some riders would prefer. The Lynx’s design, influenced by its stout build and front suspension, can make tight turns extremely challenging.

QuietKat Lynx Review: Takeaway

The QuietKat Lynx is an absolute joy to ride and stands out as one of the most fun bikes we’ve had the pleasure of testing. The bike’s stylish design and solid construction are immediately noticeable, while the high-quality components provide a smooth, reliable ride for years to come.

The Lynx is definitely a head-turner. Its unique blend of e-bike convenience and motorcycle looks make it stand out in the crowd. Whether you’re cruising through city streets or exploring off-road trails, this bike makes a statement. In one sleek package, it’s built for thrill-seekers who want urban functionality and off-road capability.

Price-wise, at $2,999, it offers great value for its quality and experience. It’s an ideal choice if you’re seeking adventure and style in your ride without breaking the bank account into a million pieces.

Specs & Components

24"x4" Vee Tire Co., Mission Command
Gemma 2 piston caliper hydraulic disc, 203mm rotors (Quietkat branded)
Front Suspension
KKE 34CS, 203mm travel with adjustable response knob
Rear Suspension
KKE 210mm coil over with adjustable response knob
Cassette Size
Single speed 16t
Chainring Size
Crank arm length
Ultra-bright LED "HALO", brand unknown, lumens unknown
Integrated LED brake light and taillight
Pedal Assist Levels
Eco, Trail, Boost
48V 3.0A 100-240V – Quietkat brand
Quietkat App

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



The QuietKat Lynx gets a power score of 4 out of 5, thanks to its mighty 1000W (1440W peak) motor and 83 Nm of torque. The bike’s looks and build suggest it can deliver dirt bike-like thrills, especially with the twist throttle. However, while there’s no question it packs a punch, it doesn’t quite match the zip or ability to pop wheelies that you might expect just by looking at it.


The Lynx scores a 2.5 out of 5 for range. QK claims a 60-mile range for this bike, but in our opinion, that’s only if you’re riding conservatively in Class 1 Eco mode – and if we’re being honest, what fun is that? The actual range falls way below that in real-world, everyday riding scenarios. Also, the bike’s geometry and riding position aren’t ideal for maximizing your leg power, which further limits its range while using more demanding PAS modes.


The QuietKat Lynx earns a solid 4 out of 5 for comfort. The saddle itself is very comfortable and is enhanced even more by the “moto-style” handlebars. However, as a taller rider, I did experience some cramping in my legs at the peak of the pedal stroke, which slightly impacted the overall score. Also, it’s important to note that the bike might feel a bit tall for shorter riders. Despite these minor issues, the Lynx still provides a pretty comfy ride.


The QuietKat Lynx earns a perfect durability score of 5 out of 5. Its excellent construction quality is exactly what you’d expect from QuietKat. The bike is built with high-quality parts, including some real motocross components (suspension). This beefy construction ensures that the Lynx can withstand both urban and off-road rigors, making it a reliable and long-lasting choice.


The QuietKat Lynx effortlessly earns a style score of 5 out of 5. The Lynx looks downright badass and sweats a rugged charm that’s impossible to miss. This machine strikes the perfect balance between functionality and swagger – it’s a smoke show.

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