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20 mph


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70 lbs




Apex Pro Review: Takeaway

With a powerful motor and big battery, the QuietKat is the e-bike brand’s attempt to crack the top of the outdoors e-bike market. It doesn’t quite make it by comparison to the very best on the market, but at a starting price of around $5,000, sits well in the midrange of this segment of electric bikes.

Ideal for...

Hunting in the deep woods
Fishing at a remote lake
Overlanding in the wilderness
Camping or backpacking

E-Bike Overview

QuietKat’s appropriately named Apex Pro is the biggest, baddest backcountry e-bike made by the leading brand in overlanding electric bikes. Available as an unlimited, 1,000W motor e-bike, this is designed to be used by overlanders, hunters, and fishermen. 

Sturdily built with a big, solid frame and 4.5” fat tires, the Apex Pro is something for conquering the backwoods with minimal worry that you’ll get stuck. Built for rocky and muddy terrain alike, its 150mm travel front suspension and four-piston hydraulic disc brakes will handle almost anything you offer up to it.

There are better overlanding bikes out there, but it competes well at this price range. Also, QuietKat is ably assisted by its parent company which has hundreds of retail outlets across the Lower 48.

Reasons to Buy

Though sold online, QuietKat e-bikes are stocked in hundreds of outdoor retail outlets across the U.S. This means you will be able to try the Apex Pro before you buy to see how this machine feels. 

And one thing you’ll need to try to believe is the incredibly quiet 1,000-watt motor. It’s nearly silent while packing more power than average. The built-in rear cargo rack is also a big selling point, as it can carry up to 100 lbs of your gear — making your next camping trip a cinch.

Things to Consider

The range isn’t wonderful at just 24-48 miles. A realistic range with all your gear and using pedal assist might be 25 miles on more difficult terrain, which isn’t a huge distance when getting away from the road is the idea. This low range may limit your plans when it comes to a multi-day overlanding/hunting expedition.


1,000W mid-drive
768 Wh
Power delivery
PAS or throttle
Tektro 4-piston hydraulic
26” x 4.5” fat tires
Trailers, baskets, solar charger, suspension seatpost, premium saddle, cooler

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



You can’t argue with the very powerful 1,000W motor that comes with the QuietKat Apex Pro. Offering piles of torque, it’ll get you up most slopes with minimal effort.

Power delivery comes via the throttle or pedal assist. This can mean (if you’re not planning a long trek) you can sit back and let the e-bike take you where you want to go. If you do pedal, the 9-speed pedal drivetrain will offer just the right ratios, uphill or down.


The bike is built like a tank and weighs around 70 lbs. Weight is the enemy of efficiency when it comes to e-bikes, and with an average 220 lb rider, the motor will have to pull 290 lbs. Part of the weight comes from the big wheels required to mount the fat tires, and the fat tires’ friction with the surface will soon eat away at range, too.

QuietKat advertises a range of 24-48 miles. On throttle, even 20 miles on typical terrain would be a big ask — that’s a 10-mile radius from your base. On a good day without any major mountains, expect closer to 25 miles on pedal assist.


Particularly with the optional suspension seatpost and premium saddle, the QuietKat Apex Pro is a very comfortable ride. You will be sat in a forward, trekking position, but the 150mm travel suspension fork will absorb much of the undulations in the terrain. The 4.5” fat tires are designed to be inflated to a lower pressure than smaller tires, meaning they’ll absorb many rocks and bumps.


QuietKat was one of the first companies to break the overlanding/hunting market with its e-bikes, and this reputation is backed by a lifetime warranty on its frames. QuietKat also offers a one-year or 1,000-mile warranty for all other components.

Well maintained, with a change of chain and disc brake pads every 1,000 miles or so, this machine should last for many years to come.


The QuietKat Apex Pro is too hard-edged and tough to be a beautiful bike. However, we like the look of this machine, as it’s built like a tank with solid components and a great riding feel. It will perform just like it looks.

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