Overview of QuietKat E-Bikes

Jake and Justin Roach disrupted traditionally conservative industries like hunting and fishing in 2012 by introducing its QuietKat overlanding e-bikes. QuietKat touts itself as the #1 off-road electric bike brand, and we can see why. The brand is based in Eagle, Colorado, and tests its bikes on some of the steepest and roughest terrain in the country.

In 2021, the twin brothers cashed in on their success, selling the brand to Vista Outdoor Group. In part thanks to the acquisition, you can now buy QuietKat e-bikes at more than 500 smaller retail locations as well as big box chains like Camping World, BassPro, and Cabelas.

QuietKat sells a range of urban and overlanding e-bikes from the relatively modest priced Pioneer for $1,999 to the premium, limited edition Jeep Rubicon that starts at $6,199. QuietKat’s e-bikes are designed so the prey can’t hear you coming, even if you’re traversing horrendous terrain that an ATV would break on.

Our Review of QuietKat E-Bikes

QuietKat has smashed out a niche that makes e-biking a serious option for hunters and anglers. With options like a game trailer and cooler for those spending a day (or more) in the backwoods, the overlanding e-bikes compete well with ATVs. Fully kitted out, the hunter or angler can get right out in the boondocks and enjoy their chosen sport. QuietKat’s overlanding bikes can take serious abuse and may well get you home when lighter, more economical eMTBs would not.

While hunting e-bikes are QuietKat’s specialty, the brand also makes several fat-tire commuter and mountain e-bikes. Paired with lifetime frame warranties, a 15-day free test ride policy, and U.S.-based support, this is a company we think you’ll love.

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