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Blix Bikes

Swedish-American Pontus Malmberg emigrated to the U.S. to get his business degree, and on seeing the great potential of electric bikes, set up Blix in Santa Cruz, California, in 2014. The company transitioned to online sales in 2020 as the direct-to-consumer model gained traction.

Blix sells electric bikes in the $1,500-$3,000 range. As with rivals Pedego and Rad Power, it has only ever traded in electric bikes that are built in Asia and prepared for sale in the U.S.

From the Packa Genie electric cargo bike to the Aveny Skyline women’s commuter bike, Blix prides itself in reliable and comfortable e-bikes that will stand the test of time. In addition to cargo and commuter bikes, it specializes in city, cruiser, and folding e-bikes, with the goal of helping people ditch their cars and become more environmentally friendly.

Our Review of Blix E-Bikes

Though you can rent or try out one of Blix’s electric bikes at a showroom or rental location (most of which are in California), the company encourages people to buy online. As with rivals Rad Power and Pedego, the firm makes every e-bike with looks and purpose designed into them. We love the Packa Genie cargo and utility bike that could well replace a store’s minivan for deliveries and cut back on your gas bills.

The direct-to-consumer sales model is here to stay, and with Blix’s user-friendly website, you can select and order the right e-bike for your needs. They all have a decent range and enough power to handle the most challenging hills you face. Now a well-established U.S. e-bike brand, Blix offers e-bikes that are comfortable, affordable, and reliable.

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Blix Bikes Reviews

Vika+ Flex
City, Commuter, Folding
45 mi
Rear Hub

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