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Brand Overview

Founded in 2014, Engwe claims to have sold half a million e-bikes to North American and European customers via its distribution centers in the US and Poland.

The e-bikes are in the low-mid price bracket with rear-hub motors and often big batteries that the company claims give a great range. Many of these e-bikes are dual battery versions with up to 1 kWh of power that could offer a nearly 70-mile range.

The electric bikes made by Engwe tend to be conservatively designed, though sometimes the company has gone for more radical designs such as the X-26 folding mountain bike. This particular electric bike is extreme with its triple suspension system and out-there angular design, which is quite a way to make an entrance!

Other e-bikes like the M20 resemble homegrown e-bike designs like the soon-to-be-discontinued, Juiced Bikes HyperScrambler 2. Arguably, the M20 has better looks than the machine it compares to, but looks aren’t everything!

TrustPilot reveals that its customers are generally pleased with the product and aftersales support, with 81% offering a 5 star rating. Customer support is praised as is the quality of the machines. There have been complaints (14%, 1 star) for what appears to be some issues with delivery and after sales support..

Perhaps as important is that after establishing themselves in North America, they have expanded to the European market where they have continued to flourish. Now with a distribution hub in Poland, they claim to be able to deliver their e-bikes within 4-5 days. Thanks to moving into Europe, Engwe now claim they have sold half a million units worldwide.

Our Two Cents on Engwe

Though they only offer a one-year electric bike warranty, Engwe offers lifetime customer support for all their e-bikes. This can be useful for software updates and general niggles that come with higher mileage. Quality customer support is always a big selling point for an e-bike brand, as happy customers are sure to return — or at the very least give good reviews!

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Engwe EP-2 Pro
All Terrain, Camping, Folding
50 mi
Rear Hub

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