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50 mi


28 mph


4 hrs


75 lbs


Rear Hub


Engwe EP-2 Pro Review: Takeaway

Despite its weight, the EP-2 Pro has a lot going for it. It has a powerful motor that will see off all but the worst inclines. You will achieve 28 mph on the flat (more quickly on a downhill stretch) as it is a Class 3 electric bike.

It can be folded and easily stored out of the way when not in use. This might be in your RV or boat as a secondary form of transportation. We don’t recommend this for those who live in a place where they would have to carry it upstairs due to its weight.

The rack, fenders, and lights allow it to be ridden on poor roads in poor light with minimal fear of not being seen by other road users. Its fat tires allow for off-road stretches too, and may enable you to ride up the mountain into the woods as part of your RV holiday.

Ideal for...

Small Space Living
Utility Rides
General Riding

Product Overview

As a go-anywhere folding electric bike, the Engwe EP-2 Pro has a lot of great things going for it. The 500W rear hub motor offers up to 55 Nm of torque that will flatten out all but the worst hills, and it can take on off-road stretches thanks to its 20” x 4” fat tires.

A 624 Watt-hour battery offers a claimed range of 50 miles; however, at full power doing 28 mph, you’ll likely get 30 miles on the flat in good weather conditions. This e-bike lacks a throttle, so it is a Class 3 machine, but it may be off-putting to buyers who wish to cruise using a throttle. Additionally, it comes with a cruise control function that allows the bike to self-propel until you touch a control such as the brakes.

Folding down small, it can be put in a cupboard for storage. At 74 lbs, this e-bike is by no means lightweight, making it difficult if your commute involves a train or bus.

The Engwe EP-2 Pro comes with a 7-speed transmission. And its 14-28 tooth cassette, allows you to ride it efficiently, especially if trying to maximize range on a longer ride.

For poor light riding, the EP-2 sports LED lights front and rear, and it has fenders to keep the worst of the road dirt off as you ride. It also has a bell to warn other road users of your approach.

Thanks to its solid build quality, it might be useful for RVing or boating, where it can be stored conveniently between outings. Its range can allow for an adventure or two while on a run ashore or away camping.

Reasons to Buy

One central selling point of the EP-2 Pro is its price. At just over $1,000, it packs quite a punch as e-bikes go. The decent (but not high) range, powerful-enough motor, and quality components combine to make an excellent entry-level folding e-bike.

We like that it even has a rack to carry your gear. That can make it a sound choice as a commuter bike, perhaps where you don’t have the space for a full-sized e-bike at home.

Things to Consider

The biggest drawback where the Engwe EP-2 is concerned is its overall weight. At 74 lbs this makes it difficult and inconvenient to carry, especially if you need to carry onto a bus or train. If kept or stored downstairs and your commutes don’t exceed your bike ride, this shouldn’t be an issue. When riding, the weight isn’t a problem as the power from the motor will take the strain.


500W rear hub, 50 Nm
624 Wh battery
Power Delivery
20” x 4” fat tires
Tektro mechanical disc, 160mm rotors
7-speed, 14-28t cassette
Rack, fenders, bell, folding mechanism

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



The 500W motor sits comfortably in the mid-range for e-bikes. It offers up to 55 Nm of torque that will handle most hills. But for somewhere like the city like San Francisco, you might want more power to tackle the nastiest ones. Peaking at 28 mph on the pedal assist, it will get you around quickly as you feel the need for speed.


Range will be impacted by the terrain, weather conditions, and rider weight. Ideally, it will manage 30 miles of mixed-terrain riding, which is far less than the claimed 50. That said, unless you’re a hardcore rider, it will be rare enough to test the battery to its limits.


Thanks to its 20”x4” fat tires this can be comfortably used for off-road sections of a cycle route. Its suspension fork will soak up the bumps in the road too. You will be sat in an upright, city-bike position and won’t be too tired from riding it, even if you did do 30 miles in the saddle one day.


Engwe offers a one-year warranty on their electric bikes, backed up by customer support for the bike’s life. Few of the components are what we would call high quality, but the customer reviews suggest that this will survive quite a few years if looked after.


No catwalk killer, this is quite an ordinary electric bike looks-wise. Given its price point, this is to be expected. That said, it’s not coyote ugly and will blend into the background of most street scenes. We like its folding mechanism too, which makes for a practical-looking, sensible electric bike.

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