Overview of JackRabbit E-Bikes

JackRabbit is a one-bike wonder, selling just one compact, foldable e-bike that it says will change the world. So far, the bike has been named the “best micro e-bike” by WIRED, Forbes, and Rolling Stone.

In its company manifesto, it brashly carves out its niche. Just 7% of journeys in the U.S. are over 25 miles, and 64% of journeys are five miles or fewer. Why then spend $3,000 on an e-bike that will do 70 miles a charge?

With that in mind, JackRabbit has installed a small battery capable of just 10 miles per charge. This brings the weight down to just 24 lbs — less than half of a long-range e-bike made by the likes of Cannondale or Giant.

Its bike can be folded up and dropped in front of a car’s back seat, yet its 20” wheels can be ridden on a variety of surfaces, from paved roads to gravel/mud. It’s even FAA-compliant, allowing you to ride it to and from a flight.

Our Review of JackRabbit E-Bikes

Loud, brash, and direct, JackRabbit’s sheer attitude is a selling point. Its website is full of language your mother would frown upon but catches you and puts you in your place.

JackRabbit has indeed made a great e-bike that should conform to most states’ laws, though it does lack a pedal drivetrain. That means throttle-only riding, which might raise eyebrows among those who pay tight heed to the law. Being limited to 20 mph, that shouldn’t cause too many issues — many riders on Class 2 e-bikes will rarely pedal anyway.

Looking to the future, will JackRabbit be a one-bike wonder? Given its confidence and attitude, we’ll be interested to see what it comes up with next.

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