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Robb Dorr
Written by Robb Dorr
Co-founder, Cycling Enthusiast

12.5 mi


20 mph


3 hrs


24 lbs


Rear Hub


JackRabbit Review: Takeaway

More sit-down e-scooter than electric bike, the JackRabbit is a fun little folding e-bike that can be used in a variety of ways from leisure to commuting and business. While folding down small, it can get you up to 12.5 miles comfortably at a maximum speed of 20 mph.

Ideal for...

Commuting where you lack space at home
Multimodal commuting

E-Bike Overview

Better described as a sit-on e-scooter than an e-bike thanks to the lack of a pedal drivetrain, the JackRabbit is compact and easy to use. Suitable for riders between 4’10” and 6’2”, it can fold so small it fits in the back of a family car. It’s light, too, at just 24 lbs including the battery.

Control is through a thumb-lever throttle, and this will take you up to 12.5 miles between charges. Charging takes a little over three hours, so it’s feasible for an apartment resident to use this e-bike for commuting if they charge it at work.

Reasons to Buy

Folding down to 45” x 7” x 30”, the JackRabbit’s compact size works for everything from leisure to commuting and business use. The lack of a pedal drivetrain is an advantage for those wanting an e-bike that won’t make them sweat. Off-road capable, the JackRabbit wouldn’t get you far into the woods, but hiding away a mile or two from the road with a barbecue and some beers is feasible.

The JackRabbit is FAA-compliant, so anyone planning to fly and cycle can use it. Small enough to fit in a car trunk, it could be used for getting from a cheaper parking lot to your employer on a multimodal commute. It will also fit in a closet, so those living with less space could use it as a runabout. It would be good for boaters and RVers, too.

Things to Consider

With no pedal drivetrain, and capable at a pinch of a 12% gradient, the JackRabbit is better used in flatter areas. You’ll get the hang of kicking the road to get moving, but on steeper hills, this could turn into a whacky run.

The JackRabbit is also in a gray area of the law, as Class 2 e-bikes have to have a pedal drivetrain. The speed limiter does cut out at 20 mph, so otherwise, it’s compliant with the 35 U.S. states that recognize the three-class e-bike system.

Finally, the JackRabbit lacks a front brake. This means you’ll be controlling your speed with the rear disc brake. Again, this is a question of getting used to it.


300W rear hub
151.2 Wh
Power control
Thumb throttle
Rear disc only
Rear: 20” x 2.5” all terrain Front 20” 1.95” all terrain
Optional accessories
Rear basket, spare battery, fenders

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



Coming with a 300 Watt rear-hub motor as standard, the JackRabbit offers a nice little kick when you hit the thumb throttle. We advise you to put on power gently when accelerating, or you could lose control!

The 12% maximum gradient puts it out of reach of those who live in a city with very big, steep hills. Its fatter rear tire will have some rolling resistance, but this also translates as grip — very useful on paths or mud, for example.


The relatively tiny 151.2 Watt-hour battery isn’t going to get you very far on a single charge. Though JackRabbit claims you’ll get 12.5 miles per charge, in reality, expect closer to eight, and on hilly terrain, even less.

For an extra $199.99, you can buy a spare battery for longer out and back runs. This might offer an out-and-back range of 16-18 miles.


This one-size-fits-all e-bike works for riders between 4’10” and 6’2”. They’ll ride in an upright, classic position. The rear 20” x 2.5” tire offers some cushioning from the road or track, and the narrower, 1.95” wide front tire helps with maneuverability. There’s no suspension, and you might want to fit an aftermarket seat for added comfort.

Riding an e-bike without pedals is a novel experience for some. Your feet rest on fold-down pegs, and to start the ride, you push off with one foot while depressing the thumb lever. You’ll get used to this quite quickly, but if you have bigger feet, this could bother you a bit.


Without a pedal drivetrain and only the rear brake to service (every 1,000 miles or so), there is very little to go wrong with the JackRabbit. The company offers a one-year limited warranty on most of the bike’s components.


Offered in a range of color schemes from muted blues and whites to loud yellow, this e-bike won’t go unnoticed. It has a short wheelbase that makes it stand out in a very funky way. The hopping rabbit logo is also cute and adds even more spunk to your ride.

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Robb Dorr
Written by Robb Dorr
Co-founder, Cycling Enthusiast
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