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Formed by Giant Chairperson Bonnie Tu in 2008, Liv has been set up to challenge the male-dominated cycling world by making traditional and electric bikes tuned to the female form. Every critical leadership position in the company is held by women, meaning Liv stays true to its roots.

As with the Giant brand, Liv has since diversified into electric bikes. It now offers road, mountain, and adventure e-bikes, including the all-out trail-munching dual-suspension Intrigue X E+ and the commuter and utility Thrive E+ EX.

Like its brother company, Liv has a professional competition team. Where it steps away from its brother is actively promoting women using bikes. Cycling is male-dominated, and Liv’s advocacy for women, from riding groups to competitions, aims to combat this.

Our Review of Liv E-Bikes

A man’s bike with women’s sizing isn’t going to do the trick. The 15 sources of data that Liv uses for its electric bikes are critical to its target market’s comfort. From shock tuning to the size of the handlebars, each size of the bikes Liv sells is designed with female proportions in mind. Liv even uses custom-designed frames with the ideal geometry for women of different heights.

What we really like about Liv is its cycling advocacy. The sponsorship of women’s cycling groups gets ladies out on the road together to help the sport as a whole. Liv Racing is the brand’s competitive segment and is comprised of three distinct teams that perform in top-level races across the world. Liv also sponsors the Black Foxes — a group of Black cyclists that advocate for diversity in outdoor spaces.

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Thrive E+ EX Pro
City, Commuter, Road, Touring
50 mi

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