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Robb Dorr
Written by Robb Dorr
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50 mi


20 mph


5 hrs


42.6 lbs




Thrive E+ EX Pro Review: Takeaway

Feminine yet very practical, the Liv Thrive E+ EX Pro is a great e-bike for getting about the city. With its fenders, rack, and lights, it can be ridden even when the streetlights are on, and the disc brakes will enable a safe stop in wetter conditions.

Ideal for...

Commuting to work
Utility runs
Short touring trips
Family rides
Getting to meetings
Shopping/cafe hopping

E-Bike Overview

Made by global cycling force Giant’s women’s-only brand, the Liv Thrive E+ EX Pro is both very beautiful to look at and comfortable to ride. Though you may have difficulty pronouncing the “Echeveria” metallic purple color scheme, the bike is feminine and modern. There’s more to this women’s electric bike than a purple color scheme, however! 

The Liv Sport Pro E+ saddle is made with your body shape in mind, and the Liv Connect Ergo Bar handlebar grips offer a soft yet strong grip on the bars. Controlling the power is easy thanks to a stem-mounted LCD screen that shows all the data you need. You can change readouts without your hands leaving the handlebars thanks to well-positioned buttons. 

Coming with a rack, fenders, and lights as standard, this electric bike will handle track and road very comfortably. When it comes to hills, the 250W mid-drive motor offers up to a beefy, 80 Newton meters of torque, allowing you to ride it even in hilly cities like San Francisco or Portland.

Reasons to Buy

Built for women and designed by women, the Liv Thrive E+ Pro is a great e-bike for commuting and utility runs — or just having fun. 

Even without the optional range extender, a 50-mile ride is possible thanks to the efficient powertrain and the EnergyPak Smart Compact 500 Wh battery. Though limited to just 20 mph, you’ll get up to cruising speed very quickly thanks to the 80 Nm of torque offered by the mid-drive motor. 

The wheels and tires are “tubeless ready.” This means that you can get the bike set up for almost puncture-free riding. Essentially, the outer tire is sealed onto the rims, and a special liquid is put in that will heal most incursions up to around 1/16th of an inch wide. 

Finally, the color scheme and sporty appearance make for a machine that looks sick on the path.

Things to Consider

Parent company Giant has taken a stance against throttles on its e-bikes. This means you will only be able to ride it in pedal assist mode, unlike many American-made electric bikes. For those who just wish to sit on and let it take you, this isn’t the e-bike for you.


Mid drive SyncDrive Pro, 80 Nm
In-tube, 500 Wh
Stem mounted Ride Control Ergo
10-speed, Shimano, 11-32t cassette
Shimano hydraulic disc, 160mm front rotor, 180mm rear rotor
27.5” x 2.4” Kenda, tubeless-ready
Front + Rear lights, rack, fenders

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



With the Yamaha SyncDrive Pro mid-drive motor, the Thrive E+ EX Pro has all the power you need to get up to speed quickly even with a heavier payload. Offering up to 80 Newton meters of torque, there won’t be many hills that will challenge you. Power from the motor is supported by the 10-speed pedal drivetrain that offers a great range of ratios.

This is pedal assist only, meaning you can’t use a throttle to get you around.


Even without the optional extra range extender battery, the Liv Thrive E+ EX Pro will comfortably do 50 miles on a single charge. The wider, 2.4” tires will make it less efficient than a pure road bike, but that will hardly matter unless you’re on a very long ride.


Sat in an upright, city-bike position, you won’t feel much strain on your arms riding this e-bike. The 2.4″ tires on 27.5” wheels will do much of the shock absorption on the road.

It lacks suspension forks, however. This means that on a bumpy track, you’ll start to feel the ride on your upper body.


If you do get the e-bike set up as tubeless after buying, punctures are one major headache from riding — but they almost never occur if you’re careful.

As with all mid-drive electric bikes, the chain will stretch to the point it needs replacing roughly every 1,000 miles. The disc brake pads will need replacing around the same time. Oil the chain regularly, and this will serve you for many, many miles of riding.

Liv’s parent company Giant offers a lifetime warranty on its frames, motor, and battery.


Pronouncing the word “Echeveria” may be fun, but the metallic purple color scheme the word refers to is sophisticated and very nice to look at. The bike sits fairly low, suggesting a serious bit of kit. As a whole, this is a modern, very beautiful e-bike that suggests it means business.

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Robb Dorr
Written by Robb Dorr
Co-founder, Cycling Enthusiast
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