Overview of LOOK E-Bikes

Founded in 1951 in Nevers, France, LOOK isn’t the oldest French cycling brand, but it does have one of the most illustrious histories of all of them. Breaking new ground in bike design almost routinely through the last seven decades, the company doesn’t mess around when it comes to elite-level racing machines.

LOOK has led the way in cycling through the release of the first competition road bike made of carbon fiber. Originally a skiing and cycling company, it developed the first quick-release ski boot binders, and from there, made the first quick-release pedal clip for bikes. The first Tour de France this binder was used in, the cyclist using it had a serious crash but went on to win the tour — he said this was only possible because the clips prevented him from breaking his leg.

As time has progressed, LOOK has spawned Olympic and European Grand Tour road race winners by the dozen on its cutting-edge bikes. It released its first electric bike in 2019 with the same care and engineering.

Our Review of LOOK E-Bikes

You can now buy a LOOK commuter/utility electric bike and bask in the glow of riding a machine made by one of the greatest cycling brands in terms of competition bikes. Its lightweight, comfortable E-765 models aren’t quite the thoroughbred racing machines the company is world famous for, but you’ll ride a quality electric bike nonetheless.

For its road and gravel e-bikes, the brand prefers the frictionless Fazua drive system that allows resistance-free cycling when the motor isn’t powering the machine. These are also ridiculously lightweight and almost as much of a dream to ride as their carbon, traditional bikes.

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LOOK E-765 Optimum
Commuter, Road, Touring
40 mi

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