Founded in 2001 in Spain, Mondraker set out from the start to make uncompromising off-road mountain bikes. Originally making pure-breed downhill racing mountain bikes, Mondraker has innovated through the years to become a byword for excellence in this space. The company’s name — which the CEO Miguel picked as a tribute to the comic character Mandrake the Magician — is now a testament to their magic in the industry.

Its traditional mountain bikes have been used to win world championships in cross-country, Enduro, and downhill. In fact, the company swept the men’s podium at the 2016 World Championships. With that success in mind, the company moved into electric bikes in 2015. It took the eMTB world by storm with its hardtail, full-suspension, and AM models which are among the best in the market.

Unlike brands such as Trek and Giant, Mondraker hasn’t moved outside of its general niche of mountain bikes. Even its urban-cross range of e-bikes still carries the DNA of the company with its wide tires and mountain bike proportions.

Our Review of Mondraker E-Bikes

Where many global cycling brands have tried to break the whole market, Mondraker still does only one job well — mountain bikes. Mondraker takes pride in the excellence of its competition-level mountain bikes.

Its move into eMTB uses similar components to rivals — Bosch and Mahle motors, for example. Trek, Giant, and Specialized can end up selling very similar e-bikes that use many of the same components throughout. But Mondraker takes a step aside from the crowd and uses its revamped Zero suspension kinematics and Crafty Carbon RR SL to stand out.

Overall, riding a Mondraker eMTB means you want something designed and built by those who make the very best in the segment.

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Mondraker F-Play 24
All Terrain, Mountain
25 mi
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