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Robb Dorr
Written by Robb Dorr
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20 mph


4 hrs


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Rear Hub


Mondraker F-Play 24 Review: Takeaway

For a younger adolescent getting very serious about trail riding, this is an excellent entry to dual-suspension electric mountain bikes. Be warned — if you don’t have an adult version yourself, you may end up buying one! Lightweight, stable, and optimized for taking on the gnarliest trails, this electric mountain bike will put a smile on even the surliest adolescent’s face.

Ideal for...

Carving up trails
Overlanding with the family
A high-quality first electric mountain bike

E-Bike Overview

The Mondraker F-Play 24 is a serious electric mountain bike for kids 11-16 years old. Its 24” wheels and compact size allow smaller riders to enjoy trail riding at the max without having to sit uncomfortably in the wrong position.

Though the 250 Watt-hour battery is fixed in the frame, its range of around 25 miles is perfectly ample for a younger teenager’s stamina. The Mahle rear-hub motor offers little to no drag so the bike can be ridden economically, with the motor switched off on downhill sections or after the battery empties.

Overall, this is best for maxed-out trail riding where the youngster is ready to move into eMTB as a serious long-term hobby.

Reasons to Buy

Amongst the many great features of this e-bike, we love the Zero rear suspension system. Unique to Mondraker, it’s a dual-pivot rear suspension designed to offer perfect comfort over both smaller bumps and the biggest jumps. Designed to eradicate brake jack (where the rear shock extends in braking, potentially throwing you over the handlebars), it’s also a great safety system should the rider mess up a turn.

Another great feature of the F-Play 24 is the compact size that’ll allow all but the biggest in the age group to have a fun ride. With the 24” wheels and smaller frame, kids can throw their weight around to optimize riding from turn to turn and jump to jump. For taller teenagers, this will also show them the benefit of riding on a slightly smaller frame than they would on the road to enjoy the best trail riding.

Things to Consider

The 250 Watt-hour battery of the F-Play 24 is fixed inside the frame and cannot be removed. This will mean that after the battery is used up, that’s it for the day until the bike is recharged. This could be a big downer for a kid who’s just had a massive high on the trails.


Mahle Ebikemotion 250W rear hub
Mahle 250Wh in-tube
Sram GX 10 speed on 11-36t cassette
Sram Level 2-piston with 160mm rotors
6061 aluminum, dual pivot, dual suspension
X Fusion Velvet RL 26, 100mm travel
Rear shock
X Fusion O2PRO 120mm travel
24”x2.4” Kenda Booster

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



Offering up to 40 Newton meters of torque, the 250W Mahle Ebikemotion rear hub offers less kick than the bigger Bosch and Yamaha motors out there. This matters less with the smaller rider that will have this electric bike.

With its Kenda Booster 2.4” tires, the e-bike will have rolling resistance on hard road surfaces. This isn’t the sort of electric bike you’d want them riding around the neighborhood or to school anyway due to its price.


On trails, the 250Wh battery will offer about four hours of fun, but this might be a little less than a fitter, bigger teenager might want.

One upside of having the rear hub motor is that there is little in the way of resistance when the motor is off. This could give them an hour or two after the battery’s juice runs out to decompress after their high!


The Mondraker Zero two-pivot rear suspension makes it very comfortable even on the hardest trail sections. The 120mm travel X Fusion shock is compressed from both ends and shouldn’t bottom out after big jumps. At the front, it comes with a 100mm travel X Fusion fork that, like the rear shock, can be tuned according to rider weight.

Size matters here, too. The 24-inch wheels and compact frame fit both smaller riders and those who’ve had a growth spurt. The bike’s geometry is optimized for an 11-16-year-old, though the way some kids grow, perhaps expect to trade it for the next size up, F-Play 26 by their 16th birthday.


Mondraker electric bikes are designed to take on the hardest trails and, unless a rare warranty case, will take whatever is thrown at them.

Maintenance will be an issue. There are lots of parts that need looking after, from the pivots to shocks and gearing system. The chain will need replacing every 40 hours (1,000 miles) of riding or so, as will the brake pads. All of this can be taught to your little trail monster as they develop their knowledge of MTB riding.


We love the loud, bright orange color scheme that is also gender-neutral, unlike other eMTBs for kids like the Woom Up 6. That could be attractive to a younger girl who loves to thrash out the trails and out-ride the boys.

Much of the design of the bike is around its trail capabilities, and it looks every bit a serious eMTB. Thanks to the relatively narrow downtube (containing the battery), the rider may not immediately be spotted as riding a “cheater bike.”

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Robb Dorr
Written by Robb Dorr
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