Based in Torrance, California, sixthreezero emerged from the beach cruiser scene in 2005. Founded by Dustin Gyger, it has rapidly grown from selling bikes out of a Hermosa Beach garage to being one of the premier cruiser e-bike providers in the country. It offers a wide range of traditional and electric bikes to suit your needs, from tricycles to fat tire bikes, all with a distinct beach cruiser style. Whether you’re after a city commuter or something that will handle soft sand, these electric bikes’ curves and style are very much of the place they were invented.

To help you find the right bike for you, sixthreezero has a 19-stage questionnaire that asks about your weight, height, and other preferences. With a wide range of accessories to customize the bikes to your exact requirements, from panniers to racks, fenders, and bags, sixthreezero lets you get exactly the gear you need. This isn’t unusual in this space, but it does add a certain custom feel to the e-bike you choose.

Our Review of SixThreeZero E-Bikes

We love the funky, laid-back vibe of sixthreezero’s bikes. Riding one could almost transport you from the leaden skies of New England all the way to the West Coast, just like The Beach Boys’ songs can.

The company offers a 30-day approval guarantee on its e-bikes. If your electric bike doesn’t suit your needs, you can send it back at the company’s expense — it stands behind its products 100%.

Sixthreezero goes head to head with segment leader Pedego, which is also California-based. However, there is plenty of room in the market for quality companies to compete. We think sixthreezero will do well because their machines are of such quality and comfort.

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