Around the Block 500W Review

Robb Dorr
Written by Robb Dorr
Co-founder, Cycling Enthusiast

40 mi


20 mph


4.5 hrs


65.3 lbs


Rear Hub


Around the Block 500W Review: Takeaway

A very pretty bike that won’t steal the show when you arrive on it, the Around the Block 500W packs a powerful punch with its rear-hub motor. It comes with great features like full fenders, a rack, and a kickstand for most everyday riding.

Ideal for...

Beach cruising
Visiting friends
Shopping around town
Cafe/bar hopping
Half-day runs out in the countryside
RVing Commuting

E-Bike Overview

With its soft colors and delightful curves, the sixthreezero Around the Block 500W women’s electric bike is feminine yet packs a punch with its powerful motor. With fenders and a rack equipped standard, this electric bike will keep you dry and enable you to carry your gear from A-B. 

Comfort is important on this machine thanks to the wide, sprung saddle that’ll let you ride for many miles without feeling uncomfortable when you get off. 

The 500-watt motor will flatten hills out, and you can use the thumb throttle to ride without pedaling at all. If the motor’s throttle cut-out speed of 15 mph isn’t quick enough, the five-level pedal assist function provides motor support right up to 28 mph.

Reasons to Buy

Some step-through e-bikes can be quite masculine, but the Around the Block certainly isn’t. In this regard, the soft color scheme and gentle curves make for a very feminine electric bike. 

This bike might look soft to the touch, but it’s powerful within. The 500-watt motor will enable quick acceleration, letting you sprint right up to 28 mph as you need. The cable disc brakes are an important safety feature, as they enable you to control your speed quickly and without locking up, even in wet weather.

Things to Consider

The biggest drawback with this e-bike is the 14-tooth smallest rear cog. Unless you’re on a downhill section, you’ll find yourself pedaling very fast to get up to top speed. This does mean you’ll have power to assist you pretty much all the time, meaning you can relax at even quite a quick pace.


Rack mounted 500 Wh
Power delivery
PAS, thumb throttle
7-speed, 14-28t cassette
Cable operated disc
Sprung, wide saddle
Rack, fenders, kickstand

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



The 500-watt rear hub motor will give a good kick when asked, allowing you to accelerate quickly as you need. It tops out at 15 mph on throttle and 28 mph on pedal assist — more than enough to get through traffic.

There may be some rolling resistance from the 2” tires, but as long as these are well-maintained, they shouldn’t make it harder to get up to speed.


With 60% of journeys in the U.S. being less than six miles, the 20-mile throttle-only range is ample for most users. On pedal assist, you can get double that. Remember that the advertised range is for a lightweight rider on flat terrain. A rider carrying a lot of shopping on a hilly route may find that they can’t get anywhere near the estimated 40 miles on pedal assist.


A range of factors makes the Around the Block 500W very comfortable. The wide, sprung saddle keeps you in an upright, city position where you’ll have little weight on your upper body. This riding position is aided by the swept handlebars.

The pedal position is forward of the seat post, allowing for your feet to be forward too, making riding easier on your knees. Comfort also comes from the thick, 2.125” tires on ample 26” wheels.


If the Around the Block 500W e-bike is ridden solely on throttle, it’ll need relatively little maintenance. If you’re using pedal assist, then it’ll need a new chain and possibly cassette every thousand miles. The disc brake pads will need changing around then, too.

Sixthreezero offers a lifetime warranty on the frames of its e-bikes, but all other components are guaranteed free of manufacturing faults for one year.


Though the princess won’t be outshone by her carriage when she arrives at the ball, this is certainly a pretty bike to look at. From its soft, pastel color schemes to its delightful curves, there isn’t a masculine thing about it. This is definitely an e-bike that you will want to be seen on, cruising the boardwalk with your friends or perhaps even turning up to a first date!

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Robb Dorr
Written by Robb Dorr
Co-founder, Cycling Enthusiast
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