Get a Grip on Comfort: Ergon GP1 Evo Handlebar Grips

Ergon GP1 Evo Grip
Discover unmatched riding comfort with Ergon GP1 Evo handlebar grips – The secret to pain-free e-biking adventures!
Ergon GP1 Evo Grip
Written by Robb Dorr
Ergon GP1 Evo Grip
Edited by Taylor Moon
Contributing Editor

Here at, we usually dive into e-bikes (as the name implies). But recently, we had a chance to try something a bit different – the GS1 and the NEW GP1 Evo handlebar grips from Ergon, a German company that’s laser-focused on cycling ergonomics and overall riding comfort.

We realize that grips aren’t e-bike-specific, but this seemingly small detail plays a crucial role in something we all care deeply about – riding comfort.

E-Bike Comfort 101

When you stop to think about it comfort goes beyond just how your butt feels on the saddle, “comfort” encapsulates the entire riding experience – your posture, hand placement, wrist angle, and much more.
If any of these factors are off, you’re going to start feeling it through stiffness, soreness, and those annoying tingling sensations in various appendages.

If you’ve been on long rides, you know exactly what we mean…

In our opinion, there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to enjoy a long ride and getting one of those painful spots on the palm of your hand that forces you to constantly shift your grip for relief. You might even ride one-handed while shaking out the other – a temporary, ineffective, and frankly, unsafe “fix”.

The GP1 Evo grip from Ergon changed this game for us, by almost completely eliminating any grip-related discomfort.

There’s a whole plethora of affordable e-bike accessories and upgrades out there that make your riding experience safer and more convenient, but few of them contribute to your comfort like these ergonomic handlebar grips do.

Overview of the GP1 Evo Grips

Sometimes it’s the finer details that make the biggest difference in your biking comfort. That’s where Ergon’s GP1 Evo handlebar grips come into play. These grips’ mission in life is to ensure that your hands and wrists stay pain-free, even on those epic-long rides. Designed with a cyclist’s needs in mind, they prioritize ergonomics to the max.

Ergon GP1 Evo and GS1 grips

Unlike traditional round grips that often lead to finger numbness and discomfort by causing excessive pressure on the ulnar nerve in the hand, the iconic GP1 wing shape effectively distributes pressure over a larger area, preventing these annoying yet common issues.

The GP1 Evo grips come in two sizes, “Small” and “Large”. A thicker grip is perfect for larger hands, while a thinner one suits those with more dainty hands. When choosing an Ergon grip size, consider the thickness that feels most comfortable in your hand.

Not sure what size to go for? Learn how to measure your hand for the best fit.

Grip SizeGrip DiameterHand Size
Small3.62in (92mm)6.5-8.5
Large4.02in (102mm)8.5-10.5

If you’re wondering which Ergon Grips are best suited for Class 2 e-bikes, then you’ve got to check out the Ergon GP1 Rohloff or the GP1 BioKork Rohloff/Nexus grips. ​​Riders using Rohloff, Nexus, or Single-Twist-Shift systems are in for a treat. You’ll find a shorter grip on the right and a full-length grip on the left.

**It’s important to note that the twist shifter-friendly grip variants are delivered as GP1 models, rather than GP1 Evo models.

Also available is the GP1 Evo BioKork model, offering an exciting alternative for riders who value sustainability and a unique feel. These grips are made from 40% organically grown cork sourced from Portugal, adhering to strict ecological standards. The result is a grip that combines ergonomics, functionality, and an exceptional tactile experience.

As with all Ergon products, quality is paramount. All Evo grips are made without the use of any harmful substances and exceed European quality standards and boast an SGS certification.

How the GP1 Evo Performed

We had a chance to take the GP1 Evo grips for a spin on the XtraCycle Swoop, and the result was pure, uncut comfyness. These grips have a soft, velvety feel with the perfect amount of cushioning. To the touch, they are firm and seemingly ungiving, but when squeezed a little bit there is a slight give to them.

They almost make you forget you’re even holding onto the handlebars. (Just please don’t; that could be bad. Safety first!).

Installing these grips is beyond simple. No need to Windex the handlebars while you cram them on. No need to get out the air compressor – just slide them on, tighten the bolt at the end of the grip to spec, and BOOM! You’re ready to ride. Plus, they weigh in at a svelte 155g, so weight is a non-issue, and you’ll maintain the same amount, if not more control of your handlebars.

Things to Consider

While the GP1 Evo grips are a fantastic investment in your riding comfort, some might find them a bit pricey compared to other options at nearly $40.

However, the enhanced riding experience they offer is well worth the cost. Instead of replacing multiple sets of cheaper grips, these will provide long-lasting comfort and support.

A Little About Ergon

Let’s take a quick step back and look at who Ergon is, and why their products are top-tier.
Ergon is a German company that lives and breathes cycling, and they’re on a mission to enhance your biking experience. Their team of passionate cyclists are actively involved in developing all of their products.

These guys don’t just work at Ergon; they live and breathe cycling. It’s this unique perspective that ensures their products are created with your needs in mind.

That’s the beauty of having cyclists design products for cyclists. It means they’ve been in your shoes, or in this case, on your saddle, and they know what it takes to make your ride as comfortable and ergonomic as possible. The result is top-notch gear that makes your biking adventures better than ever.

Bottom Line

GP1 Evo handlebar grips are a game-changer for cycling comfort. Whether you’re on a traditional bike or an e-bike, these grips offer some pretty unbeatable benefits.

The GP1 Evo grips prioritize ergonomics and comfort, and come in two sizes for a customized fit. They’re lightweight, easy to install, and provide unparalleled comfort. While they might be considered a bit pricey by some, the enhanced riding experience they deliver justifies the cost.

Ergon’s products are designed by cyclists for cyclists, ensuring that your biking adventures are as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. If you’re looking to upgrade your riding comfort and elevate your e-bike experience, the Ergon GP1 Evo handlebar grips are worth every penny.

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